1. Zardoz7/12

    Tennis is more exciting when Nadal is around.

    Nobody equals the same level of excitement in opinion, you begin to really appreciate what Nadal has given to Tennis as you know there won't be many times left to see him play. His level isn't what it was but it's that fight to the end, the never say die attitude I admire.
  2. The Big Foe fan

    Djokovic 2016 vs Nadal 2014 at RG, who wins?

    Both having a last prime run before the steep fall. Both having lost a rome final and having won Madrid en route to the French open final. Both having faced a tough loss in Monte Carlo Both showing quite huge signs of holes in the armour after such a great previous season (nadal more so than...
  3. Rafa4LifeEver

    Turn anger into opportunity :- Rafa Nadal

    The greatest warrior of tennis world at it again. Say vamos, ladies and gentlemen.
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    Hypothetical Match :- 2019 AO final Djokovic v/s 2012 AO final Rafa

    Who wins? How the match would go? On one hand, we have one of the most dominant slam final performances by Novak at AO19, and on the other hand there's the ultimate fighter Rafa in his prime who was absolutely determined to turn that 2012 final in his favour.. Discuss.. Please explain your...
  5. D

    GAFT - Greatest All Time Fight

    Not another GOAT thread. This is a GAFT thread [movies only] I’ll go first: Drunken Master 2 Inspired by something I read earlier in the forum: