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    Best Grand Slam Finals in History???

    Some of you may have read(and disagreed) with my list of worst grand slam finals in history. Here's my list of the best. Again keep in mind that I did not watch much tennis pre-2000: 10: US Open 2009: Just such a good high quality groundstroke match. An absolutely worthy final. 9: Wimbledon...
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    Worst Grand Slam Finals in history???

    I'll start this off, but keep in mind, I haven't watch much tennis before 2000: #10: Australian Open 2020. It wasn't necessarily a terrible match, but it was just so underwhelming based on what was expected by the way they moved through the draw. #9: Australian Open 2003. This was just an...
  3. -NN-

    2017 NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors V Cleveland Cavaliers — THE TRILOGY

    I haven't been this hyped for an NBA finals ever before. Both squads are prime and they're peaking and if this one goes to a game 7 I can see it beating game 6 of the 1998 Finals for having the highest rating and viewership figures in the US. EASTERN TIME Mercilessly dissect the...
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    2008-2016: the drought is over (?)

    you may not remember it (as it happened during particularly dark times) but the last teenager to reach a final on the tour was... cilic in 2008 ! :confused: (whereas there had always been at least one each year since 1970 !) from: coric just reached the final in chennai at 19...