1. C

    Critique my serve

    Below is a link to a Youtube I uploaded of myself earlier today hitting some serves. I apologize for the lone camera angle, if people think i should take a different angle for better critiquing, please let me know and I will. I'm happy to have your help. In the video, I describe how the serve...
  2. Ice-Borg

    Move from 16x19 to 18x20 racquet?

    Guys, I need some advice. My regular racquet is a 16 x 19. I'm a 3.5 player and typically hit a lot of loopy topspin forehands. Backhand is flatter. I can also hit good slice and have a good spinny drop shot. I also get a lot of good kick on my serves. I've found one annoying issue is that my...
  3. D

    Rallying against my hitting partner who plays rather flat

    I am wondering if anyone on this forum can give me some tips. I've been playing with my hitting partner for almost 4 years now. We just usually "rally", i.e. he likes to hit winners past me occasionally so he rarely allows any rhythm. I like to hit with moderate spin. I use hurricane pro or...
  4. Znak

    Heavy heavy hitter help

    I've been back in my hometown playing my friend who is a 5.0 and while I'm definitely noticeably lower in skill, I manage to shave some points and playing still stays interesting (for me at least haha). The thing that gets me the most is he hits, HEAAAVVVYYY balls, right at the baseline, they're...
  5. Znak

    A year later, my serve still sucks.

    Trying to break down my serve and rebuild it this past year after 10 years of bad habits. It's proving tougher than I'd like to admit; I'm getting close but I still feel so far. I decided to get my friend to film me because in my head I feel like I'm doing things that I'm not and I'm glad that I...
  6. H

    Can't hit flat serve

    Hello, some time lurker here. I decided to ask help here, because my serve is not progressing. My serve has always been rather weak. I never had a real flat serve. Its basically always some kind of dink inside. However, I can hit this crazy slow sidespin serve. Demonstrated in the...