1. W

    Post-pandemic Tennis Camps in Florida

    My wife and I are traveling to Florida in the next couple of weeks and wanted to sign up for a tennis camp (2-3 days). There are a couple of threads about camp quality from a couple of years ago, but nothing recently, and I expect the pandemic has thrown things off, a bit. Has anyone attended...
  2. remshaam

    Tennis havens - Orlando to Miami

    I will be driving from Orlando to Miami. I have already been to the USTA national tennis center and it was a great experience. Is there any other famous tennis havens on the way to Miami which shouldn't be missed by avid tennis fans? There is the IMG academy, not sure if we are allowed inside
  3. P

    Amelia Island, any public courts we can use?

    Hi everyone, We are planning a trip to Fernandina Beach, FL/Amelia Island in 2 weeks. Except for the expensive plantation resort courts, has anyone used the public courts in that area? like the ones on central park (13th and Atlantic)? Any information regarding access and availability would be...
  4. D

    Alone in Odessa, Florida for a week and looking to hit

    I'm here for the week visiting family and looking to hit while I"m here. I'm a 3.5/4-level baseline-loving hitter. Generally available evenings and mornings (but possible to find another time). I'm right beside the Odessa Community Center. Give me a shout!