1. T

    any good footwork tips/drills based on this?

    Hey guys, so recently I have been focusing a lot on technique, however a lesson with a coach recently brought to attention the main problem with my game: footwork. He said I can easily become a 4-5 UTR (currently mid 2 UTR) if I really get into fixing my footwork, since the rest of my game...
  2. M

    Forehand check - need for tips/advice on my stroke to know what to change based on video

    Hello Everyone, I would like to share with you a video of my forehand following a recent training as i'm currently struggling to 1) hit with power, 2) control the ball, 3) stop having arm pain at each forehand. Please do not hesitate to share with me anything you are noticing by looking at my...
  3. Tennis Aloha

    Playing In The ZONE

    Many threads, magazine articles and videos talk about playing in the zone. How you want to increase your chances of playing in the zone and how to get in the zone even on days that you're not feeling as smooth. For me it's more like a chance thing. I 've been playing for a long time but I can...
  4. D

    Footwork and big 3

  5. A

    Home Tennis Workout - Martin Method Tennis Fitness

    Hello everyone, Did anyone had the chance to try this program out? If so, what's the review? I'm looking for drills that I can do on my own to improve my game. Cheers!
  6. Znak

    Crossover step

    I'm trying to better my footwork and recently to incorporate more crossover step into my game, but I'm getting conflicting messages from different sources. Right now the most common time I'll use it is on my approach shot. But I want to start using it more on my baseline attack. When's the right...
  7. S

    What the heck is tennis specific footwork anyways?

    Some players are very fast and naturally get to the ball in the most efficient manner possible. Unfortunately, I have found this to be quite uncommon. Although there are many factors that determine who makes it to the higher levels, one factor appears to be naturally incredible footwork. Is it...