1. E

    Forehand approach backswing

    I was working on forehand approach shots with a coach at the Nadal Centre last week. Since I have a pretty big backswing on my forehand, the coach suggested two possible techniques. Either 1) Start the backswing early while moving toward the ball or 2) Use a shorter backswing, similar to what...
  2. P

    The Yonex Vcore Pro 97D, after 12 months, switching

    strung weight, 345g, swing weight 327, leather grip, 5pt HL, 2 gram led tape at 10 and 2. VS touch Natural gut on the mains 55lbs, Poly rev tour on the crosses 50lbs. I absolutely love this frame as a single backhander, this was one of the best rackets to swing through the ball for a...
  3. tennis doggo


    My friend is looking for help with his forehand I think it looks great and the technique is proper Any tips and suggestions to improve/change? We would appreciate greatly Tennis Doggo
  4. T

    Forehand grip change for a 9 year old?

    My kid hits with an extreme semi western grip, where his knuckle is on #4 bevel but closer to the bottom bevel ( #5 bevel). He generates a ton of racket head speed and the balls still land a feet inside baseline. Some of the coaches he worked with tried to change the grip so the knuckle is...
  5. Zardoz7/12

    Alberto Berasategui's grip?

    What was his forehand grip? He was an unorthodox player if I recall.
  6. G

    Drills and advice on how to get to the ball earlier

    I have a player who is slow when going for the ball. Both FH and BH. When the ball comes and is ready to attack, he just waits too long and never gets in. How should I approach this? Work on explosion? what are your thoughts?
  7. D

    Kids rolling like corkscrew around front leg after FH

    Hi all, I'm having problem to explain papa an son (15) how to stop that corkscrew effect after their FH, both of them can rotate shoulders almost 180 with the stick, no problem. And both of them after FH rotate without any steps forward.-) Without moving any legs they can do couple of shots...
  8. Bram Hendriks

    Any tips how to fix my semi-western forehand?

    Hi guys, Maybe you can help me out. I am struggling with my forehand for way too long now. I use a semi-western grip, as you can see in the video's below (regular speed and 0.25x speed). I tried to change it to a western or eastern grip but that was no success at all, so I hope you can give me...
  9. tennis doggo

    Forehand Help

    NTRP 4.0 player Ever since I torn my left elbow ligaments and came back to tennis, my forehand hasn't felt the same... so I would like to rebuild my forehand from 0. What can I do to improve my forehand?
  10. S

    Tips on improving forehand/one-handed backhand form?

    I’ve been playing tennis for over 6 years but in that span of time, I’ve never been coached so my form looks very strange and awkward. I hate how people would make fun of it so I want to improve and make it look nicer and also become more consistent. I have a video of my forehand and one-hand...
  11. Waltonkidd

    Any tips on my FH??

    Hey just curious if anyone had some tips for my FH. I’m a solid 4.0 player and use the internet for coaching.
  12. C

    Advice on improving forehand (VIDEO)

    I'm trying to learn proper forehand technique and looking for advice. I snapped this video of practicing with a ball machine the other day, alternating between cross court and down the line shots. Of course not a optimal camera angle since you can't see the resulting ball trajectory, but will...
  13. C

    Hitting Through the Court vs Topspin Drive

    Last night on Tennis Channel some of the commentators were mentioning the increasing importance of hitting through the court vs top spin drives. (Thread applies to forehands and backhands.) Solderling comes to mind as a strong example of hitting through the court. Fritz and many other ATP &...
  14. E

    Loose grip on ground strokes - what is the biomechanical science?

    Often times, during warmup, I will attempt to hit a "big" forehand and the ball will sail long. What I noticed is that in that case, I need to consciously relax my grip from around 5 to 2 on a 10 point scale. When I do that, I can hit a very nice "big" forehand that stays in. Even though I am...
  15. E

    Advanced level (3.5+) - avoid playing step-in neutral stance forehands?

    I normally hit with an open stance forehand and play at an NTRP 3.5 level. I generally avoid hitting neutral/closed stance forehand. The only time I do is as an approach shot, using the front-to-front hop. Today, my wife (NTRP 3.0) asked me to help her work on her forehand. She uses almost...
  16. Dakota C

    Forehand Feedback

    Hey guys, On the never-ending quest to hone in on good forehand technique as someone who started tennis as an adult. Would appreciate constructive criticism.
  17. J

    Rate my forehand? Been working on it with a ball machine. Ready for matchplay? I don't know what NTRP level I'd be. Recently picked up tennis again after a long time away and working on my groundstrokes with a ball machine. Any thoughts/tips on forehand and what NTRP level this would be at?
  18. D

    Nadal and lefthandedness

    We all know that Rafa is not actually a lefty but instead has a dominant right hand, it was just that uncle Toni taught him to play with the left hand. However, reading about forcing people to change hands when writing, I came across info saying that it actually has a very low success rate for...
  19. F

    Forehand over the head backswing

    What do you think are the benefits of that kind of "over the head" backswing on the forehand? The racket face goes over the head and strings point almost to the sky. Gonzo did it: Osaka is doing it (but going directly into the fully laid back wrist position): Djokovic does it in a milder...
  20. B

    Forehand help!

    My forehand is by far the worst part of my game. It is very inconsistent. Usually my symptom is the ball going way too far out, but sometimes I hit it into the net as well. Below is a video of my forehand in action as I hit against a wall. I know there are many things I'm doing wrong; but what...
  21. Krulik

    Struggling with finding proper grip, gap between handle and palm HELP!

    Have only been playing tennis a couple of years and inconsistently at best. I've always had trouble with my forehand grip, switching from eastern to western to somewhere in-between. I've looked at all the grip guide videos on YouTube and the concept makes sense to me, placing the base of the...
  22. I

    A question about forehand swing

    Hello, I have a question about my forehand swing. Besides the general feedback I could use, I am concerned about the way my racket head lifts before I start swinging the racket forward. I think my technique is closer to the so called “next-gen” with a slappy motion, however I notice besides...
  23. LoveTheGreatOne

    Rank top5 players from current tour in terms of......... much can they tolerate Nadal's forehand topspin to the backhand, and actually neutralize or attack it.
  24. F

    Forget about lag and snap: 10min to delpos forehand

    What do you guys think about his main points: loop higher takeback For a bigger forehand. He also said that fed had a bigger forehand with the bigger takeback earlier in his career. But then there is someone like James Blake who had a big forehand without a loop at all:
  25. A

    Is it a racquet problem?

    Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this belongs here or if this belongs to Tennis Tips/Instruction category, but I guess here is a better place. I started playing tennis a few years ago (3 calendar years but likely around 2.5 years with lockdowns and summer holidays). I find tennis interesting and I...
  26. Z

    An analysis of Forehand greatness After my Musetti post, I sat down yesterday and quickly threw out what a forehand needs, and what it doesn't. Greatness requires gravity and minimal wrist movement to allow SW maximization. Discuss
  27. M

    Forehand Critique (Video)

    Got some critique back in September of last year. Have been working on the forehand a bit more - trying to incorporate more of the off hand on the swing as well as additional shoulder rotation. My current problem right now is that a lot of these balls seem to being going 3-5 feet long despite...
  28. Shubham Gupta

    Requesting inputs / analysis on my tennis forehand.

    Tennis gurus, need your help and suggestions. I recently shot my tennis knocking session @ Need your inputs : (1) I have never been coached and I just picked up using YouTube videos. Please comment on my technique and what / how I can improve them. I have been playing for 2 years now...
  29. pico

    Non-dominant hand on forehand unit turn

    I have a question. I am right-handed (though this applies in general). When I do my unit turn on the forehand to prep, I observed that my left hand does hold the throat of my racquet on the turn but as it separates from the racquet, it maintains a bend at the elbow. Does it have to be more...
  30. Krish0608

    Analyzing tennis players' Forehands

    An interesting analysis of the best Forehands on tour and Novak's forehand as well :p For all other players: Discussion around contact point/precision/spin/wrist work For Djokovic's forehand: "He has got great movement!" :-D:-D:-D:-D All kidding aside, a nice analysis of the best forehands on...