1. A

    Tips for relaxing my grip?

    I grip the racket way too tightly, especially on my forehand, which I believe reduces my racket head speed and also sometimes leads to tennis elbow flare-ups. I've been doing this for years, so it is difficult to stop. Anyone have any pointers for drills or exercises to help train myself to...
  2. F

    Two kinds of Topspin

    In the last few weeks I noticed that there are two really different kinds of a topspin (FH). 1) I was producing this kind of spin for the last few years and I think most recreational Players do so: This has a lots of spin immediately after the Ball leaves the strings you can really see it...
  3. Yoeri Tennis II

    Is this Federer's best forehand match ever?

    This is a new series and the discussion lies in which matches Federer produced his best from his forehand wing. Suggestions are always welcome. I'll assess the matches and will try to extend this series by making more videos like these.
  4. Yoeri Tennis II

    All 23 of Federer's forehand dropshots from his RG 2009 triumph

    Federer had new artillery in his arsenal when he entered the 2009 French Open. He had turned his forehand dropshot into a primary weapon, which he succesfully executed to deadly effect no less than 23 times before he lifted the Coupes des Mousquetaires! The Fearhand he wielded was enough to...
  5. HetTheGreaterer

    Kyle Edmund proves...djokovic victory was not 100% fluke

    Kyle Defeats david Goffin too.. 6-3 6-3 (david actually better CC player than djokovic at this moment) Back to back beatings of djoker and DG in 2R and 3R at Madrid Masters 2018 (Yes djoker in even decent form can beat him easily but still.... ) He has some potential maybe..lacks...
  6. bluenote

    Agassi Forehand, share your thoughts about the most relevant aspects of his technic.

    Hello, after a long hiatus i'm returning to the game and still think Andre's forehand is relevant for study now days. For me, the general ideia about the Andre's forehand is to keep it simple, objective, and effortless. Recently i came across this two nice articles about his forehand...
  7. bluenote

    Agassi Forehand, share your thoughts about the most relevant aspects of his technic.

    Hello, after a long hiatus i'm returning to the game and still think Andre's forehand is relevant for study now days. For me, the general ideia about the Andre's forehand is to keep it simple, objective, and effortless. Recently i came across this two nice articles about his forehand...
  8. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer's Nuclear Forehand Encyclopedia Part II has been remastered!

    This series continues with the remastered version of part II. Do you guys like this series? If so i will continue redoing parts 3-5 as well ;)
  9. LaZeR

    What's Your Forehand Grip?? *** NEW POLL ***

    Here's a new poll to indicate popularity of Forehand Grips. Here's the choices: 1) Continental +/- 2) Eastern +/- 3) Semi-Western +/- 4) Western +/- 5) Hawaiian / Extreme Western +/- +/- means SUBMIT your VOTE for your CLOSEST MATCH ~ THANKS!!
  10. C

    I have this kid...

    I have this 8 year old girl. She is a great little athlete...amazing gymnast. I have been giving her a joint lesson with another 8 year old once a week for two years. They can play on a regular size court with adult balls. They are not great, but they are playing tennis. However, the good...
  11. S

    Help with Forehand "Shadow Yips"

    For the last several years, my forehand has basically broken down when playing while the sun is behind me and my shadow is visible in front of me. Even when trying to keep my eyes on the ball and aiming with my other hand, my shadow distracts me and I hit the ball late and too close to my body...
  12. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer's Nuclear Forehand Encyclopedia is back with Part I

    This is a remastered version with all the nuclear forehands Roger hit upgraded to the best possible quality on the web! This took me over 100 hours just to recollect all the footage, I hope you enjoy it! These are Federer's fastest forehands ever struck, timed perfectly to the beat of music!
  13. S

    Topspin Forehand - Should you tilt the torso/shoulders upwards?

    Hey guys, On the modern forehand should you consciously try to tilt your torso (the torso pointing slightly upwards instead of directly at the opponent) and shoulder angle so that your hitting shoulder is lower than your non-hitting shoulder? I can see how that might promote more topspin, but...
  14. C

    Help me understand grips

    My 10 year old plays a good game and is competitive in tournament tennis. Overall, her game is more about consistency than power. She has fast feet and a will to win. We have noted that her forehands are good but that the other kids at her level seem to have a more powerful forehand across the...
  15. Znak

    2 steps forehand 1 step back

    I'm slowly discovering my tennis game is like my golf game — I got the basics down quite easily then plateaued. To progress further it's taken/ing alot of time and discipline... I think I'll be 80 and have finally figured it all out. I'll shed old habits and play very well for awhile, then...
  16. J

    Federer v Andreev

    I remember Igor's forehand being such a dangerous weapon, shame he was shot down with shoulder injury.
  17. The Vitamin L

    Noob doubles set with my friends (1.0+)

    Hi everybody! I was able to squeeze in a doubles set with my brochachos the other night. One of the court lights was out and there were cars periodically flashing lights behind the forecourt so it made tracking the ball pretty tricky. I edited out most of the doubles faults and ball retrieving...
  18. Pctopcool

    Noob practice with wall, need advice.

    Hi, Just found this forum recently, and have learned a lot here! I took a couple tennis courses ten years ago back in college (tennis 101 level), and haven't played since then. I recently started playing with friends (about five times), and have been trying to pick up the lost techniques. I'm...
  19. Stefan Dimov

    Grigor Dimitrov - 60 beautiful winners (forehands, backhands, hot shots, tricks)

    Warming up for London 2017. And hopefully it won't be as uninteresting as it's been so far...
  20. DeepTopspinToBackhand

    Straight arm forehand questions

    I used to hit with a double bend but switched to a straight arm and it was the best decision I made, however I feel like I'm locking out the elbow when I make contact Are nadal's and federers elbows completely locked when they bake contact or is there a little bend every time
  21. M

    Problems with the Pat the Dog technique

    Hi there, I hope this is the right place to post this thread. I'm trying to change my forehand technique to what is known as the ATP forehand. My problem is that when I try to pat the dog during the backswing, I unconsciously start to suppinate my forearm a bit early and I think that's why my...
  22. The Vitamin L

    new video new racquet

    Back at it again. Finally bought a gorillapod to record some tennis. Very satisfied with both the gorillapod and the new racquet! Critiques on the tennis, video-on-fence positioning, attire, etc. are very welcome! Always willing to try new things slappin' da ball mini tennis for the warm up...
  23. T

    Alex Zverev new Forehand?

    I've noticed that Alex Zverev has a more straight arm in his Forehand recently. Anyone else notice this and what are the pros of a straight arm over a bent arm?
  24. D

    Beginner finding forehand thanks to the forum!

    Hi, so I posted about a week ago. To sum up I'm a player who only started early this year and had lost my forehand. I posted a video and you guys gave me some great things to work on. I managed to get out on the courts and record my last session where I took on a load of this advice. Focused on...
  25. D

    Beginner player, lost my forehand, please critique my technique?

    I'm a relatively new player, started january this year, never had coaching and have learned most of my tennis from trial and error and youtube. So about 2 months ago something clicked on my forehand and I was hitting 80% at least of my forehands perfectly, hitting winners feeling like I can hit...
  26. projectone7

    Thoughts on his Forehand?

    Thoughts on this college player's forehand?
  27. pdizzy

    NTRP 3.5M looking to improve game to 4.0

    Looking for advice on my game to improve to 4.0. Feel free to follow me and comment on my progress videos below:
  28. Simon_the_furry

    Putting my foot down. Completely reworking my forehand.

    I have hit a dead end with my two handed forehand. I just can't keep up with the other juniors. I'm getting hit off the court and the reach limitation is just too much. I've been trying to develop a one hander for a while, more out of curiosity than anything else, and apparently it's actually...
  29. Q

    My forehand video

    This isn't the first time I've posted on TW about my forehand (thread here) however, I finally have footage of my forehand and I'm hoping for some tips and clarification. After watching the clips I do think It has a lot of potential, but I keep dropping my rackuet too low almost as if it is 1000...
  30. Raf.spin

    [Video] Western grip too extreme

    My first coach had an extreme forehand grip and he taught me the same style. Ever since I've been unable to change it, it has been many years. I find my grip a bit too extreme. Any ideas on how to change it? Everytime I try, I hit very hit balls without control. An ideal forehand grip for me...