1. zabarboon

    Thoughts on Sam Groth's Serve

    Sam Groth's form has always interested me because of its uniqueness and because it produced the fastest serve in tennis history. Things I've picked up on: He hits ball at the apex of the toss His tossing arm is bent His feet point away from the baseline when he uncoils and goes into his serve...
  2. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve

    Ignore the foot fault. I've been working on coiling and generating more power from my lower half.
  3. Waltonkidd

    Can you guys evaluate my form?

    What do you all see that could use some work? It starts off with basic ground strokes and then works into serves and volleys.
  4. HetTheGreaterer

    Just discuss and enlighten me about this...

    How's federer's form looking at the moment? He just played first match for new season, and won something like 6-1 6-1.. I couldn't watch match or highlights, so wanna discuss with fellow members of TTW, how's he doing?? Especially off the ForeHand Wing...????? @KINGROGER @BeatlesFan @True...
  5. Rafa4GOAT

    Fed fans, what do you think of Fed’s current form?

    Ever since Rotterdam I don’t think Federer has been playing as well as he was last year. But considering how well he’s done at Cincinnati in the past I think it will wake him up. So, what do you Fed heads think of his current form?