french open 2017

  1. P

    French Open Blackout?

    I DVRd the men's finals. I was only able to watch the first set Sunday night. This morning (Monday), I go to watch the rest of the match and it's gone! The file of (3) French Open matches is still showing, but when I open the file, there are no matches. So I go to to watch the...
  2. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats - Wawrinka [3] vs. Nadal [4] - FO 2017 F

    Cumulative stats for first 6 rounds. Nadal is better in every way that I tried to cut the data /thread @Meles @icedevil0289 @Gary Duane @Chanwan @Sysyphus @Red Rick
  3. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats - Murray [1] vs. Wawrinka [3] - FO 2017 SF

    Here are cumulative stats for Murray and Wawrinka through the first 5 rounds of the French Open. Overall Murray has played better vs. stronger opposition.... ...BUT Stan has an uncanny ability to raise his game for the most important matches, and if he catches fire, good luck. Take a look at...
  4. falstaff78

    Cumulative stats - Nadal [4] vs. Thiem [6] - FO 2017 SF

    I think this SF will be a lot closer than people are thinking. The following are cumulative stats from the first 5 rounds of RG 2017. Nadal has utterly annihilated his opponents. However, without being noticed, Thiem has put up numbers which are almost as good. And he has done so against...
  5. R

    Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) vs. Nick Kyrgios (AUS) [18]

    First up on court number 2 tomorrow is an interesting little duel between Kohlschreiber and Kyrgios. Between hardwork and talent.
  6. PDJ

    Chris Evert: Queen of Clay An article on the RG Website that describes the accomplishments and achievements of Chris Evert. Most people that visit the 'Former Players' are probably more than aware of most of...
  7. Adv. Edberg

    2017 French Open - Men's General Discussion

    Established in 1891 and played since 1928 on outdoor red clay courts at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France, The French Open is the last stop of the clay season. Djokovic is the defending champion. Can he with the help of Agassi defend it? Draw Scroll Down Previous Winner 2005 Rafael...
  8. C

    Novak Djokovic could have a new coach in place by French Open

    He's really trying to speed things up. NOVAK DJOKOVIC COULD HAVE NEW COACH IN PLACE BY FRENCH OPEN KAMAKSHI TANDON | May 11, 2017 Novak Djokovic won his first match without a coach on Wednesday. (AP) Novak Djokovic says he could select a coach within a few weeks, but would not comment on...
  9. guanzishou

    RF is aiming H19H

    Believe in RF. His h19hest peak is yet to come.
  10. J

    After Federer and Nadal upset odds in Australia, who will win the French Open? After Roger Federer’s shock win at the Australian Open – five years after his previous major title – the top of the men’s game seems to be in a state of flux. Remember folks this is a...
  11. falstaff78

    The official Maestro 2017 CYGS countdown thread

    There. I said it. Egg on my face if he loses in a major in 2017.