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  1. Enceladus

    2019 French Open - ATP Thread

    Defending champion: Rafael Nadal (11-time RG winner (2005-08, 2010-14 and 2017-18)) Former FO champions, who will participating in the 2019 tournament: Roger Federer (2009), Stan Wawrinka (2015), Novak Djokovic (2016) Official website: Wiki-link...
  2. W

    Match Stats/Report - Nadal vs Federer, French Open final 2006

    Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer 1-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-6(4) in the French Open final 2006 on clay The win saw Nadal defend his maiden Slam title from the French Open 2005, where he had beaten Federer in the semis and he would go onto defeat the Swiss at the next two finals at the venue too. Federer...
  3. Zardoz7/12

    Is Thiem going through Murrayslamfinallossitis?

    Ever since his French Open loss to Nadal, Thiem has been in a rut, he looks low on confidence, his game is even more erratic. Murrayslamfinallossitis is my term for when you loss in a slam final then have a slump in form afterwards ala Andy Murray when he lost in the Australian Open in 2010/2011...
  4. REKX

    Prime Nadal vs Prime Sampras at the French Open - Only Sampras Serves - Who Wins?

    A theoretical matchup between Prime Nadal and Prime Sampras at Roland Garros, but Sampras serves every game. As a Federer and Nadal fan, I think these two have gone a level beyond the Sampras league, but to be fair we could have seen that years ago when Federer played Sampras at Wimbledon and...
  5. robthai

    Insane Tennis Match from Baby Rafa

    Look at Rafas movement here. Back when the era was stronger and wasn't dominated by a bunch of old players.
  6. Sentinel

    Federer: The last few weeks were a bit boring

    Hehe. Feddy found the last few weeks boring !!!! Hint Hint.
  7. Sentinel

    Roger Federer hasn’t thanked me for beating Rafael Nadal… I’m still waiting, says Robin Soderling

  8. puredrivepete

    Nadal's Wrist Tape

    Injury or sweat related?
  9. HetTheGreaterer

    French Open 2018 semifinal :- Dominic Thiem[7] vs M. Cecchinato

    Cecchinato defeated 2 top players named david goffin and novak djokovic back to back.... Thiem just crushed alex zverev. Predict the result. Discuss I go with thiem in 4 sets
  10. HetTheGreaterer

    The most consistent player in this era about one aspect :- rafael nadal

    Yes. The most consistent player in time violations.. More than 25s b/w serve points on a regular basis. To umpires and ATP/ITF I will say only onr thing :- what's the use of rules if you're not going to implement them? Just because you're afraid of top players....... P.S. :- The poll question...
  11. HetTheGreaterer

    French Open 2018 R3 :- Novak Djokovic[20] vs R.Bautista Agut[13]

    Djokovic trying to comeback from the very depth of his fall. Lowest ranking since many years. And so many losses to mugs, probably his worst start to a season in a long long time (atleast till rome masters started) Looking in average form (neither best nor worst). Will he pull out a win against...
  12. ADuck

    Which titles should/could Nadal have lost?

    I personally believe Nadal *could* have lost 2011 if he had played Djokovic instead of Federer in the final. But still unlikely. In 2014 I felt Nadal *should* have lost the title. He was playing quite miserably right through the clay season perhaps affected by his loss to Stan Wawrinka in the...
  13. ak24alive

    Stan the man is back

    Stan the man will be back at Madrid Open. Now this is one man I have faith in. Who do you find solace in these difficult times? This desert of clay is thirsty for a shower of Swiss Milk and as the mighty Fed is serving the third world in Africa the universe now demands his brother to stand up to...
  14. D

    Yeehaw! Clay season has arrived

    ...and not a moment too soon. I shift over to clay myself next three months. Enjoy hard courts and indoors but LOVE clay: Too bad my favourite isn’t playing, but here’s to an awesome clay season for everyone!
  15. HetTheGreaterer

    If nadal fails to win French open this year and federer wins wimbledon and/or Us open, then?........

    Most likely the slam race will be over for ever, atleast in this era. What to say friends? As if rafa won't win this FO, he will struggle throughout the 2018, and even if it does not happen, Nadal has not been successful in defending a hard court title, throughout the span of his respectable...
  16. fed_is_GOD

    "The Dream is to win Roland Garros AGAIN" -- Roger Federer

    http://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/52467/roger-federer-the-dream-is-to-win-roland-garros-again-/ Here he comes for it.. Nadal surely would have many sleepless nights from now..
  17. Guybrush Threepwood

    Wanted: Roland Garros (French Open) 2009 polo in size L

    Please contact me castrnat_7 at hot mail dot com
  18. kalyan4fedever

    When will Roger win his 21st slam?

    Am guessing Wimbledon is the BEST slam to do it for he is the grass king. I am only afraid of Novak because of his nervy matches but I say he iss a lock, I dont see anyone in the field taking 3 sets from Roger, but who knows may be he will pull off french if nads out early, Declaration:The...
  19. lunaticmochi

    Grand Slams should alternate days between men's and women's

    i.e. All of men's matches play Monday, the women play Tuesday, and so on and so forth. This will put to rest all the complaints of unequal rest time in between rounds. It will also make it convenient to watch the matches. If I only care about the men's, then I will be able to schedule my day...
  20. Krish0608

    RG '08 Rafa vs Nole

    RG '08 is best known for its one sided, embarrassing loss of Fed against PEAKdal on clay. But the real gem in that tournament in Rafa vs Nole. The first 2 sets are a blowout. Nole comes to life in the 3rd, coming back from down a break and going toe to toe with the greatest Nadal we have seen...
  21. VolleyHelena

    Have we seen the last of Federer on Clay courts?

    At 36 and having skipped French Open last two years,do you think Federer will have a final go at an elusive 2nd French Open title and the missing Masters in his resume Monte Carlo and Rome Will Federer give up Clay to give his all on his favorite Grand Slam?
  22. T

    Can Stan Wawrinka dominate next clay court season?

    After their comebacks,both Nadal and Federer dominated their pet surfaces. Can Stanimal do the same?
  23. T

    Justify the Lack of French Open Slam in Peter Sampras resume

    Pete Sampras never won at Roland Garros,and failed to even reach the finals on each attempt. How can he be called ATG without clay court prowess?
  24. CBK

    Best Editions of each Major since 2004

    I'm not really a poster (I usually just follow and read threads I like), but given all the repetitive threads on a single player, a single event, or the No1 ranking recently, I thought I should try to change things up and bring back some nostalgia. In light of the recent two borefests at RG and...
  25. D

    Tomas Berdych, Underappreciated Competitor

    I see that Tomas Berdych gets a lot of hate on these forums and is generally direspected for being not as mentally strong as the other top players. Some even deride him as a "mug". I completely disagree with this, and believe that Tomas Berdych is a completely worthy player who has done well to...
  26. Guitario

    Why do clay courts provide so many bagels and one sides sets?

    I've always wondered why the clay season provides so many one sided sets, and is the surface with the highest probability for a bagel. What is the single biggest reason? I'm currently thinking it's mainly down to the slowing down of the court speed, thus rendering fast serves less effective -...
  27. W

    FS: Nike Nadal Roland Garros 2006 Outift (Sleeveless + 3/4 Pants + Bandana)

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  28. W

    FS: Nike Nadal Roland Garros 2007 Sleeveless + Hat

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  29. Adv. Edberg

    2017 French Open - Men's General Discussion

    Established in 1891 and played since 1928 on outdoor red clay courts at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France, The French Open is the last stop of the clay season. Djokovic is the defending champion. Can he with the help of Agassi defend it? Draw Scroll Down Previous Winner 2005 Rafael...
  30. W

    FS: Nike Del Potro French Open 2007 Crew

    Item Description: Nike Del Potro French Open 2007 Crew Quantity: 1 Size: L Condition (x out of 10): 9.0/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): 3 times max. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): No visible flaws Price: $29 Shipping: Express...