french open

  1. VolleyHelena

    Have we seen the last of Federer on Clay courts?

    At 36 and having skipped French Open last two years,do you think Federer will have a final go at an elusive 2nd French Open title and the missing Masters in his resume Monte Carlo and Rome Will Federer give up Clay to give his all on his favorite Grand Slam?
  2. T

    Can Stan Wawrinka dominate next clay court season?

    After their comebacks,both Nadal and Federer dominated their pet surfaces. Can Stanimal do the same?
  3. T

    Justify the Lack of French Open Slam in Peter Sampras resume

    Pete Sampras never won at Roland Garros,and failed to even reach the finals on each attempt. How can he be called ATG without clay court prowess?
  4. CBK

    Best Editions of each Major since 2004

    I'm not really a poster (I usually just follow and read threads I like), but given all the repetitive threads on a single player, a single event, or the No1 ranking recently, I thought I should try to change things up and bring back some nostalgia. In light of the recent two borefests at RG and...
  5. D

    Tomas Berdych, Underappreciated Competitor

    I see that Tomas Berdych gets a lot of hate on these forums and is generally direspected for being not as mentally strong as the other top players. Some even deride him as a "mug". I completely disagree with this, and believe that Tomas Berdych is a completely worthy player who has done well to...
  6. Guitario

    Why do clay courts provide so many bagels and one sides sets?

    I've always wondered why the clay season provides so many one sided sets, and is the surface with the highest probability for a bagel. What is the single biggest reason? I'm currently thinking it's mainly down to the slowing down of the court speed, thus rendering fast serves less effective -...
  7. Adv. Edberg

    2017 French Open - Men's General Discussion

    Established in 1891 and played since 1928 on outdoor red clay courts at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France, The French Open is the last stop of the clay season. Djokovic is the defending champion. Can he with the help of Agassi defend it? Draw Scroll Down Previous Winner 2005 Rafael...