1. Rafa4LifeEver

    An exceptionally good match of tennis by the warrior :- 2020 French Open Final

    Fully available on internet now. Download quickly before it disappears, lovely ladies and gentlemen. Answer honestly in the poll. Please Discuss in a civilized way. Give your reasons for the vote too, if possible. Thanks and Regards, -Carl Thompson.
  2. pedro94

    Could Rafa have won 2016 French Open?

    Yesterday I was rewatching 2016 FO Final highlights, incredible tennis from both Novak and Andy. I remember being so happy for Novak to finally win the title after 3 lost finals (it would be a travesty if he didn't manage to get the career grand slam). That being said.. if Rafa didn't injure...
  3. georgemccauley

    Lucas Pouille has the game to win multiple Grand Slams

    Someone who has flown under everyone's radar is Lucas Pouille. Watching his game he is silky smooth from the back of the court, able to hit winners at will off both wings. I think the result against Nadal is just the start of things to come for him, he won Vienna last year and has already been...
  4. Yoeri Tennis II

    All 23 of Federer's forehand dropshots from his RG 2009 triumph

    Federer had new artillery in his arsenal when he entered the 2009 French Open. He had turned his forehand dropshot into a primary weapon, which he succesfully executed to deadly effect no less than 23 times before he lifted the Coupes des Mousquetaires! The Fearhand he wielded was enough to...