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    Tension Difference Between Stringing Machines

    Machines - Gamma X-6FC X-6 Stringing Machine (Drop Weight) - Gamma Progression II ELS Stringing Machine (ELS) Background Used my drop weight for 2 years stringing at 56lbs. Upgraded to the ELS and strung my first racket @ 56 lbs and it felt WAY too tight. Strung the next at 51... still too...
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    Gamma X-ELS (or Progression ELS): questions to current and past owners

    Background: Looking to buy a stringing machine for my son and I. We do not plan to do a lot of stringing jobs, just as many as our own needs and perhaps needs of our friends would warrant. Motivation is not as much to save money on stringing, but to be able to install any strings we want when we...