1. Yoeri Tennis II

    Perfect warm-up for Sunday's final - Nadal vs Thiem best rivalry points

    So we decided to put this little baby together to get all your little tennis taste buds tingling with excitement for tomorrow's final. Just look at them go toe to toe... All 9 matches head 2 head between Thiem and Nadal have been on clay and Nadal leads 6-3. Will Nadal thump his authority early...
  2. Yoeri Tennis II

    All 23 of Federer's forehand dropshots from his RG 2009 triumph

    Federer had new artillery in his arsenal when he entered the 2009 French Open. He had turned his forehand dropshot into a primary weapon, which he succesfully executed to deadly effect no less than 23 times before he lifted the Coupes des Mousquetaires! The Fearhand he wielded was enough to...