1. RedClayFan

    How historians will REALLY look back on the current era of tennis...

  2. RedClayFan

    Fedal bros, it's time we have a talk...

    Now that the dust has settled and Novak Djokovic has cemented his place as the unquestionable, undisputed GOAT of tennis we must revisit history critically to understand how we got it all so wrong. You see, fellow fedal bros, I too was blind. I was blinded by Big Nike. Blinded by the paid media...
  3. jl809

    What is the best performance by a player aged 17, 18, 19... up to 37, on each surface? Making a comprehensive list

    For a future safeguard against overhyping the latest mug, let's make a benchmark of what it is actually possible for 17 year olds, 25 year olds, 35 year olds to do in tennis. Think Alcaraz's level is the highest ever from a 19 year old on HC? Think Fed's peak on grass is the highest ever? Now...
  4. N01E

    Djokovic now holds the 5 biggest records in tennis

    Grand Slam Titles: Djokovic: 22 (#1) Nadal: 22 (#1) Federer: 20 (#3) Weeks at #1: Djokovic: 373+ (#1) Federer: 310 (#2) Nadal: 209 (#6) YE#1: Djokovic: 7 (#1) Federer: 5 (#3) Nadal: 5 (#3) ATP Final Titles: Djokovic: 6 (#1) Federer: 6 (#1) Nadal: 0 (#26) Masters 1000 Titles...
  5. UnforcedTerror

    BOMBSHELL: In normal circumstances, Djokovic needed only 600 points from the AUS Open, Indian Wells, Miami, Montreal, Cincy and US Open to be No. 1!

    Djokovic would have 6,320 points in normal circumstances while Alcaraz at #1 with 6,920 pts. So only 600 points were needed for Djokovic from the 10,000 points of the 6 premiere hardcourt tournaments which he was denied to participate in. o_O That's only one final in one of the four masters or...
  6. jl809

    The peak versions of each ATG across each slam all play each other. Who has the combined best results?

    For example (these are just my picks): 2011 Federer, 2008 Nadal, 2015 Djokovic, 1996 Sampras and 1978 Borg face off with each other 10x in a round robin at RG - a series of RS hypotheticals... 2004 Federer, 2010 Nadal, 2011 Djokovic, 1995 Sampras and 1980 Borg face off with each other 10x in...
  7. initialize

    Federer officially retiring (serious)

    Just posted on Instagram He will be playing the Laver Cup next week as his final event. Farewell GOAT :cry: Tennis will never be the same without the world’s most talented player ever… this sucks guys
  8. jl809

    Remember this epic?

    The last ray of sunshine in tennis… The moment we thought They Might Be Back… what happened to our big 5 :cry:
  9. Tennis Espresso Journal

    Open Era Top#100 Rankings: The Vonder Index - August 2022・Week 32 update

    Hello Everyone! Salut tout le monde! This is the updated version of the Vonder Index, a Top#100 Ranking List from open Era achievements. Relevant remarks on Vonder Index is : - a dynamic ranking system, which means even after a players retires, his index points still move (up or down) - the...
  10. jl809

    John Isner’s performance vs Murray this year was the highest level of grass court tennis we’ve seen at Wimbledon in the past 2 years

    Man was bombing down serves, volleying like prime PETE and hammering that forehand. 82 winners, 36 aces against a GOAT returner who had shown great form against Kyrgios and Berrettini. Kyrgios himself can only dream of that kind of brutality. Big John can still beat absolutely anyone on his day...
  11. UnforcedTerror

    All threats in Nadal's path to Wimbledon final are officially out (a la the AO)

    In the AO, Bull fans were complaining about his draw. He was supposed to play the following players in different rounds but didn't play any R2: Kokk R4: Hurkacz QF: Zverev SF: Djokovic Now in Wimbledon, the same thing happens again, all threats in Bull's path to the final went home even before...
  12. tennis4jags

    How many more GrandSlams after 22

    I know this is a hypothetical question and you geeks might have already discussed many times. However, after reading post-match interviews, I'm asking question myself. Look like Nadal is motivated to go for more trophies than coming back with any excuses. In my guess, he may grab 3 more grand...
  13. UnforcedTerror

    Djokovic's most impressive achievement on clay?

    Clay is Djokovic's least favorite surface, yet he's still a beast on the surface. In your opinion, what is his greatest clay achievement?
  14. A


  15. jl809

    Nadal has been net UNLUCKY in non-clay slams in his career, not lucky

    Primedal is generally agreed to have been from 2008-2014. In this time... On grass: He didn’t even play at Wimbledon ‘09 through injury, missing the opportunity to play a weaker Federer or Roddick/Murray. He won the 2 Wimbledons either side of this in 2008 and 2010. During his 2012 match...
  16. UnforcedTerror

    The ONE & ONLY GOAT.

  17. UnforcedTerror

    Tennis fans watching Miami Masters QF..

  18. AnOctorokForDinner

    Nadal: 2019 AO vs 2022 AO

    In 2019, Nadal dominantly stormed to the final over Tsitsipas and others, but got harshly massacred by in-form Djokovic for the title. In 2022, Nadal struggled through the draw losing six total sets, but ended up winning against some odds over the current world number one. Yet surely Medvedev...
  19. sredna42

    What pro player would you most like to fight?

    LOL! Low hanging fruit I know, but since no one has done it and I'm massively bored ....
  20. Tennis Espresso Journal

    Women's Best of the Present and All Time Greats - who is who?

    Here it follows a list of the best Top5 WTA players at the moment and another list of the Top10 in Women's history: BEST PLAYERS OF THE PRESENT (52-weeks): 1. Ash Barty 2. Gab Muguruza 3. Naomi Osaka 4. Ary Sabalenka 5. Paula Badosa GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME (last 140 years): 1. Steffi G...
  21. Tennis Espresso Journal

    The Ōta Index

    This index brings us the best performers on ATP rankings in the XXI Century - or precisely since the great standardisation of the year 2000. Following basic economic axioms (the ones allowing currencies to be exchanged and GDP to be measured) and internationally accepted principles of laws...
  22. Raul_SJ

    Rafa Will Have To Beat Djoker And Tsitsipas Back To Back. Not An Easy Task!

    Preventing Rafa from reaching #21 is almost as good as winning the tournament for The Djoker. Djoker will have to make Rafa really battle so Rafa has nothing left in the tank for the Final.
  23. P

    Who's a greater play currently? Thiem or Delpo?

    We all know that Thiem will probably end his career with 3-6 slams, and could be in the running for top 15 all time, but has he already surpassed delpo? Slam champions with 1 masters title. Does the fact that delpo had his injuries and had the arguably tougher era help him? I'm gonna say that...
  24. Rafa4LifeEver

    Ask me anything - Part2

    I'm included in the Hall of Fame list of TTW. So as someone with that legendary status, I feel love and affiliation towards fellow ttw members, and wanna connect well with all of you. Ask me anything, ladies and gentlemen, I'd try my best to answer honestly. Thanks and regards, -Carl...
  25. N

    Google search results on Sunday, February 21 2021

  26. BackhandRF

    The GOAT in making :- Federer 2002 hamburger

    Enjoy the rough diamond who's in the process of getting polished and being the crown jewel of the tennis world for the upcoming years.
  27. Rafa4LifeEver

    The swiss maestro :- one in a million

    Found this incredible compilation of amazing, mind Boggling shots of the swiss legend roger Federer. No doubt why he is the most adored and loved tennis player of open era. Enjoy the video, dear fellow TTW posters. -Carl Thompson.
  28. Rafa4LifeEver

    A tribute to the GOAT...

    ........GOAT umpire in tennis Mohammed Lahyani.