1. Sentinel

    Nadal not missing Federer

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/Rafael_Nadal/43162/rafael-nadal-i-don-t-miss-federer-/ Please discuss. Thanks.
  2. Devin

    Federer's Game Ranked By The Years

    I couldn't think of a better name for this thread, and I didn't find any threads addressing this already. That being said, what do you guys think was Federer's best year for the following aspects of his game? Serve Forehand Backhand (Topspin and slice) Return of Serve Footwork/Speed (Court...
  3. gogo

    Federer! Federer! Federer!

    Sorry, I just had to start a thread with Fed's name as I thought it would catch attention. Of course I am happy to tip my cap to Fed as he is the GOAT and deserves the accolades. I absolutely love him. But... I DO believe there are other players in the world tour. Perhaps I am mistaken?? The...
  4. Bender

    Poor fedr got destroyed once more, LOL!

    Geriatric peakerer says courts were too fast so he felt he was russian through the points and not swinging freely! MUG paper GOAT 18 slam champion! ROTFLMAO! #18 Majors Edit: According to the highly reliable insider source Reddit, Donkey proves that fedr is GOATer than Djoker: Another...
  5. -NN-

    Talent/Skill Paths

    Realised talent/skill manifests itself in different ways and at different rates. I bring this up when thinking about Jimmy Butler's NBA career to date. Generally, the legends of sports have tended to blossom early relative to their peers. I'm too lazy to say anything else... just thought...
  6. Chicharito

    Fed to play Murray in Scotland exho. Nov 7th 2017

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/tennis/2017/02/09/andy-murray-unveils-roger-federer-guest-exhibition-event-scotland/amp/ Glasgow.
  7. TennisLovaLova

    Federer is the greatest player of all time

    18 majors 6 wtf Just defeated his archrival Nadal in the 2nd greatest match of all time. He's just the greatest.
  8. Rusty Shackleford

    The level of butthurt from some Fed fans is unparalleled

    And the Final hasn't even started. Where is your faith in the GOAT? I mean, I hate on Djokovic too, but I don't do it before the match has even started (and usually not right after either). This is pathetic! I think Fed will win and you don't see me hating on him, do you?
  9. OJH


    How do the Nike Vapor 9.5 Flyknits hold out on clay? Do they get dirty quickly? can you get the clay out of the flyknit?
  10. TennisLovaLova

    "Baseline Slugfest"

    This is how King Roger humbly referred to tennis speed in AO for the latest years and the desastrous impact it had on the game, he also added he had to change his style to adapt, he meant lowering the quality of his tennis... He confirms what we all knew already : modern tennis is boring af and...
  11. TripleATeam

    Do Laver's Pro Slams Count?

    If Laver had not been banned from the pro tennis circuit for 5 years, he certainly would have won more grand slams. How many more, I don't know. That's not the topic at hand, nor do I wish it to be. It's just a simple question: should we count Laver's 8 "pro-slams" in addition to his 11 normal...
  12. TripleATeam

    Sampras Djokovic similarities

    I've noticed several things that are very close between Sampras and Djokovic, as the title says. Similarities: Sampras won his first Grand Slam in 1990- the US Open. 11 slams later, he breaks through to win his second. Djokovic won his first Grand Slam in 2008- the Australian Open. 12 slams...
  13. TripleATeam

    Best match from each ATG

    Just a match you remember when they were on fire, even if their opponent was not. Please only give the best one you remember from each player. It doesn't matter when it was or who it was against, they just need to be on their game that day. (If this is already a thread, let me know so I can...
  14. TripleATeam

    Worst aspect of your favorite player

    I've always thought that overheads were Djokovic's worst suit, and plenty of others also believe so. Given his last match in Doha, I wondered on the next worst thing he had, and some glaring flaws in other top 20 players. For me, it's still Djokovic's inability to make an overhead smash right...
  15. TripleATeam

    Make the best tennis player!

    Any era, mix and match game! Take the best part(s) of any players you want and make a new tennis player. Be sure to name them! eg. (rudimentary) FH BH Serve Movement But you can even go even more in depth, specifying spins, style of play, or anything else really!
  16. TripleATeam

    Masters 1000 vs Grand Slams

    If a passerby glanced at random Player v Player threads- (ie. Djokovic v Federer, Federer v Nadal, Djokovic v Lendl) they would see a lot of talk about Grand Slams. Obviously, Grand Slams are the crux of the sport, the pinnacle of pinnacles, and the crowning achievements for most tennis players...
  17. Sentinel

    nadal to not drop a set at Wimbledon

    last year, i believed he dropped a set to Soderling and 2 sets to Haase and Petzschner each. this year, he will not drop a set, as i believe the gap is even wider. the guys a beast on green clay. gives you nothing. no question he will win 100% of his matches imo