grand slam

  1. GloW

    the next first time grand slam champion

    who will be the next first time grand slam champion? probably the closest is zverev in my opinion but who do you think is next?
  2. UnderArmServeOP

    Federer Two-Hander

    In a recent interview, Federer said he'd advise his 9yr old self to keep a 2 handed back-hand in hopes that he'd have an even grander career than he already did. Curious as to what the forum thinks about this. Did we lose out on a 30 Slam Champion lol
  3. Fedeonic

    I miss the quirks of each Grand Slam

    Since 2019, all Grand Slams have been losing their own personality for some reason that I never heard of. Some of the sad changes made by each major: -AO: No more Thu-Fri night men's SF and Thu afternoon women's SF, no more ad-set final set. -RG: Scheduled night sessions, divided one-W one-M QF...
  4. jl809

    For which player would a Triple Career Grand Slam be most 'accurate'?

    By accurate, I mean reflective of their top levels, longevity, whatever you decide, across schlems. The options are: Djokovic needs 1 more RG to do it (so he probably will anyway). He has lost 5 RG finals, all to Nadal except 1 to Stan where Djoker beat Nadal en route in 2015. He also lost 2...
  5. D

    Will there be a maiden GS champion in 2023?

    2000 - 1 (Safin) 2001 - 2 (Ivanisevic, Hewitt) 2002 - 2 (Johansson, Costa) 2003 - 3 (Ferrero, Federer, Roddick) 2004 - 1 (Gaudio) 2005 - 1 (Nadal) 2006 - 0 2007 - 0 2008 - 1 (Djokovic) 2009 - 1 (Del Potro) 2010 - 0 2011 - 0 2012 - 1 (Murray) 2013 - 0 2014 - 2 (Wawrinka, Cilic) 2015 - 0 2016 - 0...
  6. D

    How many Slams will Zverev win in 2023?

    High time for this obligatory TTW GPPD thread. Sascha is 25. Will be 26 before 2023 French Open. His BO5 record against Top10 opponents is no longer winless as he defeated Alcaraz at RG22. Please feel encouraged to share your opinion, 45 days to vote. Poll closes on 17 January 2023. 2022...
  7. D

    When a first-time finalist tries to defeat a multiple-time finalist...

    Period: 2006-2022 2 wins, 16 losses 06 AO Baghdatis L 07 AO Gonzalez L 07 USO Djokovic L 08 AO Tsonga L 08 USO Murray L 09 RG Soderling L 09 USO Del Potro W (def. Federer) 10 WIM Berdych L 13 RG Ferrer L 14 AO Wawrinka W (def. Nadal) 16 WIM Raonic L 17 USO Anderson L 18 RG Thiem L 19 USO...
  8. Enceladus

    2022 Wimbledon Final: You will have to decide, guys!

    Either Nole will win Wimbledon again and equal Pete Sampras with his 7th title from the All England Club, or Kyrgios will become the Wimbledon champion and achieve the success that much better tennis players like Rosewall, Lendl or Roddick have striven for in vain. What is the more acceptable...
  9. D

    2022 Wimbledon Final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Nick Kyrgios

    [content deleted by user]
  10. D

    2022 Wimbledon SF: Nick Kyrgios vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    H2H Kyrgios 3-6 Nadal Vegas odds (as of 6 July) Sources:
  11. Fedeonic

    The "How to keep Djokovic and Nadal from vulturing every single major" thread

    I may sound as a salty Federer fan, which I think I am, but I really wish that these two guys finally stop winning all the Grand Slams, it's becoming tiresome. So let's bend the rules to try to keep Djokovic and Nadal from winning more majors, just two conditions: -They cannot be banned from...
  12. D

    2022 Wimbledon SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Cameron Norrie [9]

    H2H Djokovic 1-0 Norrie Vegas odds (as of 5 July) Sources:
  13. D

    R32 at 2022 Wimbledon is the weakest since 2017 US Open

    Both Tsitsipas and Nadal yet to play, but I'm assuming they will advance. Number of TOP8 seeds eliminated after two rounds: 2022 WIM 4 2022 RG 0 2022 AO 2 2021 USO 1 2021 WIM 1 2021 RG 2 2021 AO 0 2020 USO 0 2020 WIM - 2020 RG 2 2020 AO 1 2019 USO 2 2019 WIM 3 2019 RG 0 2019 AO 2 2018 USO 1...
  14. D

    2022 Wimbledon R64: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Thanasi Kokkinakis

    H2H Djokovic 1-0 Kokkinakis Vegas odds (as of 27 June) Sources:
  15. D

    2022 Wimbledon R128: [WC] Ryan Peniston vs Henri Laaksonen

    H2H Peniston 0-0 Laaksonen Vegas odds (as of 24 June) Sources:
  16. D

    2022 Wimbledon R128: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Soonwoo Kwon

    H2H Djokovic 1-0 Kwon Vegas odds (as of 24 June) Sources:
  17. jl809

    Highest level final at each slam since 2000?

    For me: Australian Open: 2012 over 2009 (because of the 5th set in 2009). A lot of great Aussie Open matches down the years weren’t finals French Open: this will invite debate, but 2014. Compared with 2006 and 2007 where Fed couldn’t cope in the final stages, and 2012 which had patchy periods...
  18. D

    2022 Roland Garros QF: [3] Alexander Zverev vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

    Zverev's 12th approach to defeat a Top 10 opponent in BO5 formula. He's at 0-11 at this moment: 01 2016 AO R128: #2 Murray 0-3 [1-6 2-6 3-6] 02 2016 WIM R32: #9 Berdych 1-3 [3-6 4-6 6-4 1-6] 03 2017 AO R32: #9 Nadal 2-3 [6-4 3-6 7-6 3-6 2-6] 04 2017 WIM R16: #7 Raonic 2-3 [6-4...
  19. D

    2022 Roland Garros QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal [5]

    It is the most awaited tennis match since 2021 RG SF, can't wait for it. Clash #59 in one of the greatest rivalries of all time. H2H Djokovic 30-28 Nadal Vegas odds (as of 29 May) TBA Sources:
  20. D

    2022 Roland Garros R32: [27] Sebastian Korda vs Carlos Alcaraz [6]

    Korda plays flawlessly so far (3-0 vs Millman, 3-0 vs Gasquet). Alcaraz forced to defend a matchpoint in R64 against Ramos. Was looking vulnerable. They both clashed last month in Monte-Carlo, Korda was better then. Who's going to win this time? H2H Korda 1-1 Alcaraz Vegas odds (as of 25...
  21. D

    2022 Roland Garros R128: [8] Casper Ruud vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga [WC]

    This could be the very last ATP match for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga as he has announced 2022 RG is his final professional tournament before the retirement. H2H Ruud 0-0 Tsonga Vegas odds (as of 20 May) Sources:
  22. D

    2022 Roland Garros R128: [5] Rafael Nadal vs Jordan Thompson

    H2H Nadal 1-0 Thompson Vegas odds (as of 19 May) Sources:
  23. estigma2001

    The FAA awakens

    After 8 tries Felix finally won his first title please vote and tell us what´s going to happen with him
  24. BGod

    [4]Tsitsipas vs. Medvedev[2] AO SF 2022

    Daniil still the one defending points. Two matches away from a 2nd Major and World #1. Stefanos would be gunning for 2nd career Final, first Slam and move up to world #3. Certainly playing less than half the time is some kind of edge for CITY BUS!!!!! 3:30AM ET 7:30PM Melbourne
  25. D

    2022 Australian Open SF: [6] Rafael Nadal vs [7] Matteo Berrettini

    There's no Nadal vs Djokovic, we have Nadal vs Berrettini instead. Quite significant match, how will it go? H2H Nadal 1-0 Berrettini Road To The SF Vegas odds (as of 26 January) Sources: What do you think?
  26. D

    How many Slams will Djokovic play in 2022?

    AO is gone, but what about the rest?
  27. D

    ABZ: name your biggest hopes before the final of 2022 AO

    Who is the most ready to take Zverev out? Please pick up to three players.
  28. D

    Zverev to win his maiden Grand Slam title without defeating Top10 rival

    It is quite possible, isn't it? It has happened. Just needs some good effort from the underdogs to make his life easier. There are 9 possible Top-10 matchups for Zverev in Melbourne: QF vs Nadal [6] QF vs Hurkacz [10] SF vs Djokovic [1] SF vs Berrettini [7] F vs Medvedev [2] F vs Tsitsipas [4]...
  29. D

    2022 Australian Open 1R: [21] Nikoloz Basilashvili vs [WC] Andy Murray

    Quite a match in the opening round. H2H Basilashvili 0-2 Murray Vegas odds (as of 13 January) Sources: What's your prediction?
  30. D

    2022 Australian Open 1R: [1] Novak Djokovic vs Miomir Kecmanovic

    Draw has been released, but the match still stays in uncertainty. H2H Djokovic 1-0 Kecmanović Vegas odds (as of 13 January) Sources: What do you think?