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  1. P

    Best Grand Slam Finals in History???

    Some of you may have read(and disagreed) with my list of worst grand slam finals in history. Here's my list of the best. Again keep in mind that I did not watch much tennis pre-2000: 10: US Open 2009: Just such a good high quality groundstroke match. An absolutely worthy final. 9: Wimbledon...
  2. P

    Worst Grand Slam Finals in history???

    I'll start this off, but keep in mind, I haven't watch much tennis before 2000: #10: Australian Open 2020. It wasn't necessarily a terrible match, but it was just so underwhelming based on what was expected by the way they moved through the draw. #9: Australian Open 2003. This was just an...
  3. Enceladus

    Poll: Is rescheduling RG the right step?

    Do you agree to move the RG in the fall, or the French Open should have been completely abolished for 2020?
  4. J

    Fed at AO: Easiest Path to a Grand Slam Semi Ever?

    I know it's not Federer's fault, but his draw in the AO has been profoundly easy. Here are the rankings of his opponents so far: 1st. Johnson, 75 2nd. Krajanovic, 41 3rd. Millman, 47 4th. Fucsovics, 67 Qtr: Sandgren, 100 Assuming Fed beats Sandgren, he would have made it to a GS semifinal...
  5. RaulRamirez

    Which of the 4 "slams" has the best rule for 5th set tiebreakers?

    Which TB method do you prefer (I'm not posting it as a survey)? AO: a first to 10, win by at least two points (champion's) tiebreaker at 6-all. FO: no tiebreaker in the 5th. Wim: played at 12-all...a best of 12 (first to 7, win by at least two points). US: a "best of 12" at 6-all. Do...
  6. Enceladus

    2020 Australian Open - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    It's a time, that I create AO 2020-thread also for Women's Singles. Defending champion: Naomi Osaka Former AO champions, who will participating in the 2020 edition: Serena Williams (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009-10, 2015, 2017), Maria Sharapova (2008), Angelique Kerber (2016), Caroline...
  7. A

    Governing structure

    I'm trying to find a good overview of the structure of the governing bodies of tennis and how they may shape the future of the sport, detailed information and analysis welcome too. I vaguely remember someone, maybe Stephanie Myles or MattRacquet, retweeting an article around maybe the middle of...
  8. Enceladus

    2020 Australian Open - Men's Singles - Official Tournament Thread

    Defending champion: Novak Djokovic (7-time winner (2008, 2011-13, 2015-16 & 2019)) Former AO champions, who will participating in the 2020 edition: Roger Federer (2004, 2006-07, 2010 & 2017-18), Rafael Nadal (2009), Stan Wawrinka (2014) Official website: Wiki-link...
  9. Enceladus

    What will be the final result of Sascha Zverev on the 2019 US Open?

    Again, we have here a question of how far Sascha will advance on the GS tournament. He equaled in this year his best result so far, when he advanced into QF on RG (lost with Djoker), but in another GS tournaments his maximum is 4R, at the US Open even only 3R. Will this year's US Open change...
  10. J

    Mathematical Model for Total Grand Slams if Federer, Nadal or Djokovic Didn't Play Tennis

    I have often wondered how many Grand Slams Federer/Nadal/Djokovic would finish with if the other two didn't play tennis. More often than not it seems like the roadblock to each winning a title is having to play one of the other two. I got to thinking that surely this could be estimated with a...
  11. georgemccauley

    If Nadal gets to within two Grand Slams of Federer, will he inevitably overtake him?

    This Open could be a big tournament, if Rafa manages to win, and he's got a great chance of going deep with the draw he's had it'll be the first time ever he's within two grand slams of Roger. The way i see it, if it happens is one of two things: 1) Roger finds early 2017 form and wins another...
  12. ReturnAndVolley

    Thiem or A. Zverev, who wins a slam first?

    Both of these guys will win a grand slam sometime in the next 4 years, possibly sooner. So who do you think wins one first? I go with Thiem winning RG before Zverev wins his first slam (USO). Give your opinions.
  13. mpournaras

    FS: Wilson Grand Slam Super 6 Bag **9/10 SUPER RARE**

    This is a Wilson bag that only grand slam winner used on court. They sold it for a limited time in 2009. It is SUPER CLEAN. I would say it is similar in size to many 9-12 racket bags depending on brand. See pictures Wilson Grand Slam Bag Super 6 (6 rackets and some stuff) Quantity: 1 Condition...
  14. georgemccauley

    Lucas Pouille has the game to win multiple Grand Slams

    Someone who has flown under everyone's radar is Lucas Pouille. Watching his game he is silky smooth from the back of the court, able to hit winners at will off both wings. I think the result against Nadal is just the start of things to come for him, he won Vienna last year and has already been...
  15. aman92

    Best Non- Final GS Match of the century?

    Which is the best Non-Final GS match of the century? Some choices: Nadal vs Verdasco -Aus Open 2009 - Unbelievable hitting and intensity from start to finish. Pulverising tennis Federer vs Safin - Aus Open 2005 - Peak Safin vs Peak Federer, insane shotmaking Djokovic vs Nadal - French Open 2013...
  16. Simon_the_furry

    It's time for a slam in Asia.

    In economics and marketing, people always talk about the BRIC market, BRIC being Brazil, Russia, India, and China. These markets are growing rapidly. India, China, and Russia combined are home to over 2.8 billion people. They are world centers of commerce, production, and exchange. So why does a...
  17. Yoeri Tennis II

    Best Nadal points in GS finals that he lost..

    This is a mighty fine collection of points that show Nadal's fighting spirit even at the brink of losing. This is what it takes to beat Nadal at the tail end of a slam! Nuff said!
  18. RealBrotzu

    How many GS will Nadal add to his tally?

    I'd say he will retire end of 2021, that's being optimistic. That means he still has 15 chances to win Grand Slams. Provided he will win FO 2018, 2019, 2020 (I doubt he will), he'd still need 2 more Slams to overcome Federer. TBH I don't think he can grab W or AO anymore, therefore he must aim...
  19. RealBrotzu

    Federer 2017 vs Djokovic in 2014-2015 W and USO finals

    Ljubicic-upgraded 2017 Federer plays 2014 W final and 2015 W and USO finals against Djokovic. What would the outcome be?
  20. RealBrotzu

    Grand Slam winners - AO not included

    As far as i know, from 1970 to 1982 AO was a "minor" tournament, not even close to FO, W, USO. Top players used to skip it most of times. Therefore when comparing Grand Slam titles of 70-82 players and current players, we should not take into acount AO. (However, when comparing total wins of...
  21. B

    Wozniacki or Halep? - Poll and Discussion

    Wozniacki or Halep? I personally would like to see Halep win because she lost a heartbreaker to Ostapenko last year in the French Open Final, and she can hit a winner off of both sides (while Wozniacki's forehand has very little conviction behind it), but with a 15-13 third set against Davis and...
  22. lunaticmochi

    Grand Slams should alternate days between men's and women's

    i.e. All of men's matches play Monday, the women play Tuesday, and so on and so forth. This will put to rest all the complaints of unequal rest time in between rounds. It will also make it convenient to watch the matches. If I only care about the men's, then I will be able to schedule my day...
  23. skip1969

    The Official Fifth-Set Tiebreak Thread

    With the 2017 US Open right around the corner, I thought the time was right to introduce a statistical thread about best-of-five set matches. Part of the reason is to have a thread that can be bumped every time the topic comes up . . . and it does come up. If we don’t bring it up here on the...
  24. ealkuon

    Congrats and Hats-off Roger!!

    This is coming from a Rafa fan (with a soft corner for Roger). Congratulations to Roger for his 19th Grand Slam! Even being in the final is an astonishing achievement. I always felt that Federer had that natural talent to be the most consistent performer at Grand Slams. And, after witnessing his...
  25. Fedeonic

    Poll just for Federer and Nadal fans

    There's just 2 Slams to be played in 2017, Wimbledon and the US Open. To keep fair the poll, the Slam difference between Federer and Nadal shall stay in 3 no matter what at the end of the 2017 Grand Slam season, be it 18-15 or 19-16.
  26. ByakuFubuki

    2017 Roland Garros R2: [11] Dimitrov vs [PR] Robredo

    I thought this would be an interesting match to discuss. So, despite the 261 positions of difference I don't expect this to be an easy task for Gricasso the Camel Jockey, who, after an amazing start of the year, has been struggling and losing early in every Tournament except Madrid and is 3/4...
  27. guanzishou

    RF is aiming H19H

    Believe in RF. His h19hest peak is yet to come.
  28. -NN-

    "...maybe even tougher than a Grand Slam." - R.Federer

    Federer says that winning a Masters 1000 might be harder than winning all four Majors in one year.
  29. Fedeonic

    Federer's career performance at the Aussie Open

    After a monumental 20th Grand Slam from Federer, he got his 6th Australian Open, but let's take a look of his career at the 1st major of the year: -6 titles. -7 finals overall. -14 semifinals overall (only lost to Safin, Djokovic (x3), Nadal (x2) and Murray, all posible Hall of Famers). -94...
  30. TripleATeam

    Do Laver's Pro Slams Count?

    If Laver had not been banned from the pro tennis circuit for 5 years, he certainly would have won more grand slams. How many more, I don't know. That's not the topic at hand, nor do I wish it to be. It's just a simple question: should we count Laver's 8 "pro-slams" in addition to his 11 normal...