grand slams

  1. Enceladus

    What will Sascha Zverev's final result on the 2019 French Open?

    Sascha's draw: 1R - Millman 2R - Ymer/Rola 3R - Lajovic 4R - Fognini/Bautista QF - Djokovic/Coric SF - Thiem/del Potro/Monfils F - Nadal/Federer/Tsitsipas/Nishikori Will Sascha reach a confrontation with Ultron in QF, or will he lost again in first week of GS tournaments?
  2. raph6

    Khachanov, Medvedev, Rublev = Tsonga, Monfils, Gasquet ?

    Khachanov, Medvedev and Rublev are all promising young players. It reminds me of the French 10 years ago when Tsonga, Monfils and Gasquet were also full of promises. Unfortunately, these guys never won Grand Slams. Do you think the Russians will follow the same way ? My opinion is that they...
  3. RaulRamirez

    Will Zverev's Laver-Cup clinching win increase his confidence?

    Okay, this is yet another Laver Cup thread, and I realize that LC is just an exhibition. But given that there is some pressure to win when teammates are counting on you, do you think Zverev's win yesterday will give him a confidence boost in slam tournaments? Don't laugh...well, you can. Most...
  4. Harry_Wild

    Ways to get into Grand Slam tournaments “In Grand Slam main draws, 128 players are accepted. Of these, 104 are based on world ranking, so the top 104 players 6 weeks (cutoff period) before the Slam...
  5. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer's top 10 Exquisite Points in Lost Grand Slam Finals

    Fed has won 20 slams but also lost 10 of them. I think these are his best points from all those matches. The bonus points are fun too. If there are any shots missing from your whis list then let me know