1. Robert_in_LA

    Can an intermediate player use an "advanced player's racquet"?

    I'm a 3.0-3.5 player who's taken some time off from the game, but I'm starting to play more again... I'm looking for a new racquet, and I've always liked racquets on the smaller end (98 sq. in. or less), with good weight, that are head light, and have lots of flex. A racquet that fits this...
  2. A

    Increasing weight on GT Speed S so it will be more like GXT Prestige MP

    Hello all, So, pretty much what's on the title. I have two "very different" rackets (Graphene XT Prestige MP and Graphene Touch Speed S) and I would like to make the Speed S a little bit heavier. A little background... I tried a demo of the GXT Prestige S and I quite enjoyed it - despite not...
  3. Znak

    Graphene is just pencil lead?

    Turns out graphene isn't anything more than pencil lead a new study finds :D:
  4. MarkNut

    Graphene Radical Touch MP Review

    I know that this racket has been out for awhile now, but I thought I would give this a full in depth review as I am in the market for a racket currently, and this being tennistalk, I'm sure many others have commitment issues with rackets as well as myself. Background: 25 years old, SW Forehand...