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  1. pico

    Blocking fast serves - racquet characteristics?

    I played a set with my stock Pure Aero VS today against a guy who hits fast serves. My usual return style is a block or chip except if it is a second serve in which case I drive more. In any case, I struggled to get anything on his first serves. Even if I got racquet to it, they didn't carry...
  2. pico

    Speed Pro 2022 vs Gravity Pro

    Anyone play both and can compare?
  3. G

    Head Gravity Pro.

    The Head Gravity Pro strung with solinco confidential at 45lbs has been in my bag for about 2 months. Found it muted, not crisp and head heavy (not whippy). I may have been laboring under the misapprehension that it is similar to the RF97 and the Head Prestige MP 360+. These are two I use often...
  4. pico

    Extending a Gravity Pro

    Has anyone here extended a Gravity Pro?
  5. Songs For A Dead Pilot

    7Frames Test (01) – G360+ Radical MP/Pro, G360+ Gravity Pro, Tf40 (305), Blade v7

    I will start my series of 7Frames Tests – which will consist of different packages of tested frames. Even if they will be new ones, I will be testing them along with some classics and competitive frames from other manufactures. I will be testing today new HEAD adn Tecnifibre frames: –– Head...
  6. pico

    Prince Phantom 97p

    I currently play a Gravity Pro and like it. A friend said good things abt the Prince Phantom 97p. I cant demo it here. Has anyone played both and can compare? I know they are different string patterns. I play a ohbh and so curious abt that mostly.
  7. pico

    Graphene XT Prestige Pro vs Gravity Pro

    Any users of both racquets care to give a comparison please. Thanks.
  8. pico

    Gravity Pro customizations?

    Hi there. For all you Gravity Pro users, I am just wondering if you have done any customizations? If so, I would love to know. Please mention your string setup too. Thank you.
  9. D

    MSV vs Mayami + recommendations

    Hello guys, In the winter I've been playing with the MSV Focus HEX 1.10 gauge at 24/24 on a Gravity Pro. I can say the string has been holding for 4h (after 6h it had a 21 tension transforming it in a trampoline) and my peak game was in the first game. I'm no expert in tennis theory and...
  10. pico

    Finding it hard to commit to a racquet. Advice?

    Currently, in my bag I have these: Prince Phantom 93p Rf97 head speed pro Head gravity pro Technifibre tf40 I hit groundstrokes well with all. My serve is prob best with the rf97. I return best with the 93p. I really dont know how to commit to one since there are other variables too like their...
  11. pico

    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    Hi guys. Recently I have been struggling with the one hand backhand with my 18 x 20 racquets. I play either a Gravity Pro or Phantom 93P. I find that I am either just hitting the net cord or getting my balls long. I find that I struggle with directional control as well. Yesterday, I switched to...
  12. pico

    Cyclone 18g mains and Velocity 17g crosses - anyone try this combo?

    I am considering stringing my Gravity Pro with Cyclone 18g in the mains at 54lbs and Velocity 17g at 52lbs in the crosses. Has anyone played with this combination of strings before?
  13. pico

    Gravity Pro and lead - how do you use it?

    For Gravity Pro users out there, I am curious as to how you use lead if you do use it to customise your frame and how the response is. Please let me know.
  14. 3

    Head deal - I need help with choosing new string!

    Hey, this is my first post so I'm sorry if it's not the best way to ask, but I've been offered a deal with Head (basically a big big discount). I've already chosen my new racquet, moving from my old head Graphene XT Speed Pro onto the Gravity Pro. I loved the Gravity Pro while demoing it for a...
  15. pico

    Cyclone 18g in Gravity Pro?

    Have any of you guys used Cyclone 18g in a Gravity Pro? I am going to use it but not sure what tension. I have a big swing and a one hand bh! Please advise.
  16. pico

    Tension advice for 18 x 20 low powered racquet?

    Hey guys. I was researching this and there seems to be two camps on this. I have a Gravity Pro which falls under the "18 x 20 low powered" racquet category. I am experimenting with tensions. I use Volkl Cyclone mostly. I have always strung above 52lbs but I have read ppl suggest that under 50 is...
  17. pico

    Volkl Psycho in Gravity Pro or RF97?

    Just wondering if anyone out there uses the Volkl Psycho in either the Gravity Pro or RF97? If so, what tension do you find works the best assuming 17g?
  18. pico

    RF97 vs Gravity Pro

    Anyone played with both these racquets? Which do you prefer and why?