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    Top 10 Players of All time(Men)

    There are always threads like this, but I think they should be refreshed every couple years. Here is my top 10 of all time: 1. Djokovic. 2. Federer. 3. Nadal. 4. Sampras. 5. Lendl. 6. Borg. 7. Laver. 8. Edberg. 9. Becker. 10. Mcenroe
  2. P

    Greatest Rackets of All time?

    It's not about personal preference. It's more about the impact that the racket had on the industry. I have to choose either the Bumblebee Head Radical or the Pure Drive.
  3. A

    Sum Elo score over career?

    I'd be interested to see players' greatness ranked by summing Elo scores over their career. For example a hypothetical player with an 52-week career would have a score of Elo1 + Elo2 + Elo3 + ... + Elo52 where EloX is the Elo score in the Xth week of their career. However, there may be a need...
  4. Sentinel

    Nadal humble in defeat

    "Well, three weeks ago I beat him 6-0 6-3. I don't know if that's a tough player or not. I don't think it's that way," @sureshs
  5. Sentinel

    Nadal not missing Federer

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/Rafael_Nadal/43162/rafael-nadal-i-don-t-miss-federer-/ Please discuss. Thanks.