1. D

    Forehand landing a little short (consider changing grip?)

    Hey! I've been playing for around 9 months or so (hitting 5-6 times per week), and I've been trying to improve as fast as I can; however, an issue came up in the last month or two and I have no idea how it 'started.' When I first started, I had a modified eastern and was taught to hit...
  2. T

    Forehand grip change for a 9 year old?

    My kid hits with an extreme semi western grip, where his knuckle is on #4 bevel but closer to the bottom bevel ( #5 bevel). He generates a ton of racket head speed and the balls still land a feet inside baseline. Some of the coaches he worked with tried to change the grip so the knuckle is...
  3. Zardoz7/12

    Alberto Berasategui's grip?

    What was his forehand grip? He was an unorthodox player if I recall.
  4. NRMM

    Help with HL

    Hey guys I just bought 2 new Ezones 100 Plus on TW. I’m moving away from the previous gen Ezone 98 + because I wanted a similar racquet but more forgiving. the racquets are matched to following STRUNG specs, no overgrip. Weight 317 , Balance 2 HL , 340 SW Based on my previous experience with...
  5. Roads_to_tennis

    Thin and soft replacement grip

    I have head hydrosorb pro on my racquet but it feel like thick to me. Is there any thin option Available but soft too. I know when grips are soft, they are thick. But what is most thin and soft grip available? Thanks
  6. Tennis Aloha

    Quick Backhand Tip

    When you hold the racket on the forehands, volleys, serve, overheads, and forehand returns of serve, you spread the hand and get a trigger finger type grip that we all have heard of. When you hit a backhand however, it is recommended to hold the racket with a fist type grip. Not spreading the...
  7. MM360

    Can't decide between grip size 3 or 4

    Hi all, new to tennis started about 2 months ago and recently started group lessons. I have a slinger machine and try to practice a few times a week, I have two HEAD GEO Speed Graphite Tennis Rackets in one is size 3 the other is size 4. I want to buy a better racket once my strokes improve but...
  8. M

    Weird Grip Size

    When I hold the forehand with the "traditional Head butt cap I feel the forehand suit the best for me, but when I hold the two handed backhand with the Head rectangular pallet I can´t rotate well so I for the forehand it feels the size for me, but the backhand it feels too big or thicker, so I...
  9. David Le

    Babolat old and new grip mold.

    When I was around 10 years old I got my first ever adult size racquet which was the Babolat APDO in 4 1/4. So a decade later, I tried the PAO in the same size and noticed that the grip/handle wasn’t the same as the OG. Till this very day I till love the handle mold of the APDO. The question I...
  10. A

    Getting back into tennis, changing grips, overgrips, grommets. Advice needed

    Hello folks, I decided to dust off the gear and have some questions. My 2 rackets have only had 2 overgrip changes in 6 years :o shocking, but big breaks occurred in my tennis . I have started by removing the overgrips, they were there for more than 2 or 3 years but granted I did not play much...
  11. Krulik

    Struggling with finding proper grip, gap between handle and palm HELP!

    Have only been playing tennis a couple of years and inconsistently at best. I've always had trouble with my forehand grip, switching from eastern to western to somewhere in-between. I've looked at all the grip guide videos on YouTube and the concept makes sense to me, placing the base of the...
  12. time410s

    Asking For Honest feedback on a video I might do

    I'm working on a video where I thoroughly breakdown my first impressions on a TenX racket. They're an up and coming racket company from Australia with some international presence. Maybe you've heard of them. Anyway, I do somewhat of a teardown and I talk in detail about my observations and...
  13. pico

    Is my grip size too big?

    I have always played with a 4 1/4 but I would say I am more of a 4 3/8 since I use 4 1/4 as I like smaller grips. I recently found a used Ultra Tour but it is size 4 1/2. I put on a leather grip and overgrip. Here is a link to a pic showing my index finger test. Is this too big...
  14. Y

    Are Prince Grip Sizes Getting Larger?

    Hello, Has anyone noticed a change in prince grip sizes since around 2019? I have a few old prince racquets: - precision mono ( 90's ) - pog classic ( 2014 ) - phantom 100p 1st gen ( 2017/18? ) All are 4 3/8 and the grip feels consistent. I've had many other prince sticks over the year and...
  15. R

    Conducting Research for the Grip Enthusiast!

    Hi all, I'm doing a research project for my masters of Sports Engineering to determine if the grip preferences people have for their rackets have any correlation (either consciously or subconsciously) with their hand anatomy and playing styles. The plan is to see if the findings could be used to...
  16. M

    Racquet specification weight and grip sizes

    How do manufacturers maintain a racquet's specification weight when the racquet comes in different grip sizes? With bigger grip sizes, there is more material and hence mass at the handle. So to maintain a given specification weight as grip size goes bigger, something has got to give, but what...
  17. P

    Grip size can't be true!!

    I know, ultimately all comes down to preference, and I read most threads about it here on the forum as well as many articles/tutorials out there... I might have some confusion: So having said, as a basic "rule" you should take your grip in a FH grip and have space for the index finger. OR if...
  18. DeeeFoo

    How to make the replacement grip flush? (no ridges or dips)

    Hello all, I always use an overgrip with my racquets. But one problem that I've always had to deal with is that I can still feel the ridges/valleys of the original base grip through the overgrip. And since the overgrip already has ridges, there are now double the amount of ridges. Ideally, I...
  19. M

    Is my grip a bad habit ?

    Hello I am a 3.5 player and I’ve struggled for a long time to find my grip but I have always been more comfortable gripping the racquet at the very bottom where the butt cap is basically on my palm and I feel like this makes it harder for me to stabilize the racquet and if I raise my grip up...
  20. F

    Best option to increase grip size (+1) while preserving bevel feeling and not adding too much weight

    If you had to increase your grip by one size, what method would you chose? Assume your goal is also to keep the original bevel feeling (avoid rounding it too much) and keep the additional weight as low as possible.
  21. F

    Increase Yonex grip size

    Hi all, I have the following dilemma. My hand works ok with a grip size L5 (4-5/8 inches) although according to all websites I checked I'd need even a bigger grip size. E.g. when I measure my hand with this method I get more than 150mm or 6...
  22. c-had

    Overgrip not staying put

    I have a TW leather grip on my racquets, with a tacky overgrip on top of that. This has worked great for the past 3 years, but lately the overgrip won't stay put. After just an hour of play, my grip looks like this: Sometimes it'll open up near the butt as well, so I get openings under both...
  23. pico

    What forehand grip is this?

    Hi all. What forehand grip is this? I have been using this lately for my forehands. I get a very loopy shot. If I stick with this grip, how can I get more drive/power? Thanks.
  24. Rango

    Is 1/4 size higher for Racquet fitment from perfect fit a problem?

    Hi guys. So i think i found a racquet that i am going to buy. I went and measured my grip size and it's 4 1/4 with 4 1/8 being slightly better fit then 4 1/4 but both perfect really I was able to fit index finger perfectly in 4 1/4 and 4 1/8 with 4 1/8 being more tighter, snugger fit for my...
  25. SaaKha

    Don’t know size of grip

    Hello, So I just bought this very worn out racquet (Wilson) on **** and the seller didn’t know the grip size. The buttcap is so worn out that you can’t see a number either. Ik what my grip size is, so that’s not a problem. Just wondering if there is any way I can find out the size of the grip...
  26. T

    Prince Cushion Durasoft+ Replacement Grip replacement?

    Hi Guys, What is the closest to the “Prince Cushion Durasoft+ Replacement Grip”? that is currently available. I want to keep using a tacky and soft, cushioned replacement grip. Thanks.
  27. Krulik

    Grip Size Question

    Second post! This one is kind of a continuation of my "Tall & Athletic" post about which racquet (size, weight) to get. I think I'm measuring my hand correctly. From the crease in my palm to my ring finger is 5". Does that sound right? I'm 6'5" 215lbs. and my total hand size from base to tip...
  28. A

    Tips for relaxing my grip?

    I grip the racket way too tightly, especially on my forehand, which I believe reduces my racket head speed and also sometimes leads to tennis elbow flare-ups. I've been doing this for years, so it is difficult to stop. Anyone have any pointers for drills or exercises to help train myself to...
  29. Jay Sean

    Grip Modifications with Athletic Tape

    Does anyone else use layers of athletic tape to fill in the little gaps in your palm? Your hand has a concave shape that doesn't physically contact the grip (more or less depending on hand and grip style) and I create a little bump/bulge to fill that spot on all my racquets. Grip feels much...
  30. N

    When is a grip 'done'?

    At the moment I am testing some rackets to get a new frame, but this raised the question for me. I have been playing with the same frame ( Wilson 95 ) for about 5-6 years. I have two frames and I play an avarage of 2 hours a week. I play some tournaments in the summer, but not all too...