1. BorisBecker1872

    Tacky Towels, Gorilla Grips, Tac Rags

    Any thoughts to these products that add tack to your grips. I find they add too much tack and are thus ineffective. Like the result is your grip is tackier than Unique's MegaTac. You can barely change grips after applying. But I'm curious if anyone else was satisfied with the products or...
  2. M

    Is my grip a bad habit ?

    Hello I am a 3.5 player and I’ve struggled for a long time to find my grip but I have always been more comfortable gripping the racquet at the very bottom where the butt cap is basically on my palm and I feel like this makes it harder for me to stabilize the racquet and if I raise my grip up...
  3. Davee

    Longer grip handles on extended racquets?

    I have very large hands and I really struggle to fit my hands on the grip on my two handed backhand... Is an extended racquet a solution to problem? Thanks!
  4. W

    Grip size conundrum

    I have medium sized hands and switched awhile back from 3/8 to 1/4 grip. Seems like I could really whip the racquet better. But lately I feel like I’m struggling to find the right size. Been messing with ultrathin grips, single or double overgrip, wrapping them tight vs loose etc. This weekend...
  5. Krulik

    Grip Size Question

    Second post! This one is kind of a continuation of my "Tall & Athletic" post about which racquet (size, weight) to get. I think I'm measuring my hand correctly. From the crease in my palm to my ring finger is 5". Does that sound right? I'm 6'5" 215lbs. and my total hand size from base to tip...
  6. LaZeR

    What's Your Forehand Grip?? *** NEW POLL ***

    Here's a new poll to indicate popularity of Forehand Grips. Here's the choices: 1) Continental +/- 2) Eastern +/- 3) Semi-Western +/- 4) Western +/- 5) Hawaiian / Extreme Western +/- +/- means SUBMIT your VOTE for your CLOSEST MATCH ~ THANKS!!
  7. B

    Automatic Re-Gripping Machine: Is there a need?

    I'm in my final year of a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Bath, and I've been tasked with designing a machine which can automatically apply a new grip to a tennis racquet. Part of the task is to assess the market for such a machine and to do that, I need the help of tennis...
  8. weelie

    Silicone tape for weight and shock absorption?

    Was looking for a sorbothane grip for my too HH racket, for weight AND shock absorption. Looks like they are ever more scarce and expensive here in Europe. But saw on the main auction site silicone tape in different thicknesses (like 0.5mm, for example). Would that work somewhat similarly? I...
  9. Spoderblitz

    strong eastern forehand vs semi-western forehand grip

    (Apologies if I posted it on the wrong forum) For me, I'm using the strong eastern (In between e/sw) but I'm planning on switching to the semi western as it is quite difficult for me to hit high balls and hitting more spin. Which one's better all round? Which one would you prefer to use...
  10. 10isMaestro

    Small changes with big results

    I wanted to share with you my recent experience of some small adjustments that helped me a lot. I got to play a few times this week and I had some troubles with my strokes. I had an easier time hitting neat groundstrokes off both wing last year and the feel didn't seem to get back. My forehand...
  11. C

    Serves: why not grip change for the different serves?

    For the "basic" 3 types of serves, topspin, flat, & slice - why not change the grip slightly for each one instead of changing the toss location? Thanks for any and all answers.