1. fasfsfgs

    TWE | Grommets for Head Graphene Radical Pro

    Hello everyone! I need to replace the grommets for my 3 Head Graphene Radical Pro (model 2013) (this one) but I can't say for sure which model should I buy (tennis warehouse europe). I did some research on the forums and I saw several answers for the american website, but the product names are...
  2. G

    Wilson Ultra Tour Grommets

    Hi all, I think replacing grommets apply to stringing and string techniques (if not my apologies). I was wondering if anyone can confirm if the Wilson ultra pro (18x20) set of grommets works for the Ultra tour countervail the previous version. I know certain racquets it wouldn’t work but it’s...
  3. C

    Incorrect grommets received?

    Hello! I just recently ordered pure aero vs vs tour grommets for my aero storms, but I believe I received ones for the new 2020 version. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The code on mine says SKU 179304 and below says BG Pure Aero VS 20. Which definitely sounds like...
  4. S

    Grommet weight question

    My normal racquet is the 2016 babolat pure aero but I have a pure aero lite that I want to add some weight to to bring it up to the normal pure aero spec. Unfortunately the grommets on the racquet are pretty beat up so I want to order a new set to replace them. I don't really like the look of...
  5. Tennis.

    Prince Phantom Pro 93P (14x18) Grommets:

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but has anyone tried using the Prince Phantom Pro grommets on any of the older 93 sq inch Prince racquets such as the POG mid or the Spectrum Comp 90? Thanks.
  6. B

    Does HL make racket feel less heavy and more comfortable?

    I have been playing with wilson k six.two and still couldn't find any better frame to replace it with. It is 2 pts hl (strung) and 285 gr (unstrung), 100 head. Sure it has cons like not too high swingweight (which can be improved), but the racket fits me. Due to slight grommet damage and to have...
  7. Rvinum

    Fischer Smash Titanium Bumper/Grommets

    I have decided to start playing again after a 10 year hiatus . I would like to buy a Fischer Smash Titanium racquet. Always been a Fischer guy (back when I had game). Know they left the game. Now on to my question... Am wondering if the bumper guard/grommets are still available? Looked all...
  8. H

    Grommets For The Yonex RQ-60

    So, I have this beauty which I have had in the family for almost 20 years now. I really want to try this racquet out but upon closer inspection, I fear that the present grommets will just break the strings. Is there a way to get grommets similar to it? Do I need to contact Yonex about this...
  9. Znak

    Yonex DR 98 Blue Grommets

    Hi TW, I don't know if it's my glasses, but I can't seem to find Yonex DR 98 Blue racquet grommet's on your site? I found this, is this the same thing? If not do you mind forwarding me the URL...
  10. S

    Prestige xt cap grommets on a Xt radical pro

    hi guys, I've been looking to cap my xt radical pro, but in my country, head doesn't sell the radical xt cap grommets, so i was wondering if the prestige pro xt caps (16x19) would fit, given that they have the same head size, and only 1mm difference in beam width. Anyone has tried this?? i want...
  11. rafa_prestige89

    Head Prestige Graphene XT grommets fit

    Do you guys know if the Head Prestige Mid Plus Graphene XT black grommets/bumper guard fits into the IG Prestige Mid Plus?
  12. O

    RF97 2015 Grommets??

    Hello, I was wondering if these grommets are in yet? It says on your site that its in by Jun 12. Just wanted to get an update so i can get some for my racquets :) Thank you Jay
  13. P

    AMF Head Prestige 18x20 Grommets

    HEllo. I have a vintage gold AMF Head Head Prestige 18x20 racket which is desperately in need of a new set of grommets. Does anyone know where I can get them from and ship to the United Kingdom? Many thanks
  14. tyu1314

    Does Head youtek IG prestige mid grommet fit on microgel mid?

    I see that there is no longer grommet for microgel/youtek prestige mid. Does the youtek ig prestige mid's grommet fit on microgel/youtek mid?
  15. O

    Microgel Prestige MP Grommets

    Hey guys I was wondering if the Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Mid Plus Grommet would fit the Mircogel model? I also read that the Graphene XT grommets might fit as well but I was not too sure. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  16. C

    Yonex RDS 001 grommets?

    Any idea where to get them? If you have some I would love to buy them. If anyone else has had this same problem, where you able to substitute grommets from another racquet? Thanks, Christopher Benz