1. Georgiepie27

    Groundstroke analysis :)

    Hi all, anyone got any pointers or tips for my groundstrokes? I have put them all in a short video :) Any tips appreciated!
  2. D

    Nadal 2022 vs Nadal <2007 comparison

    I have this theory that Nadal serves better, volleys better, serves and volleys better, has better slice and has a more attacking forehand today than before 2008. However he has worse stamina, less speed, is less strong, has worse footwork and is balder. Am I nuts?
  3. M

    Forehand Critique (Video)

    Got some critique back in September of last year. Have been working on the forehand a bit more - trying to incorporate more of the off hand on the swing as well as additional shoulder rotation. My current problem right now is that a lot of these balls seem to being going 3-5 feet long despite...
  4. C

    FH groundstroke swing dir when ball is coming ↙

    Hi all, I know how to hit down the line and crosscourt, but never know which method should be used for balls coming from crosscourt. I believe the illustration is clear enough, so my question is, A or B? I use B all the time. Does it lead to mishits? [Edit] Removed the 'arm' label which may...
  5. Spoderblitz

    What should I practice with a wooden racquet?

    A couple of days ago, I asked my coach if practicing with a wooden racquet will give me any benefits. He eventually said that using it to practice your groundstrokes should be avoided due to the fact that the racquet is not designed for a topspin fh/bh. Is there any other way that I can practice...