head 360

  1. Vincent Wang-Bouchard


    I recently got a hold of the new head gravity tennis rackets. I can confirm the specs below. Can confirm release date within the next month or so (June or July). You can check my credibility by looking through my previous posts about other racket releases. HEAD GRAVITY PRO: Head Size: 100...
  2. garnertennis

    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro vs Wilson Ultra Tour???

    Hey everyone. I am looking for some new sticks. Wondering what peoples thoughts are between these two racquets. Seems to me like they play very similarly, the Speed maybe a little harsher, but more spin, and the Ultra Tour a little more comfort but maybe less spin & power. Wondering what...
  3. Vincent Wang-Bouchard

    NEW 2019 Radical (May 16th) Release Date and (Some) Changes

    So, I can now confirm that the New 2019 Head Radicals are going to be released on May 16th. Changes: Handle shape will change from the more traditional Head rectangular shape to the new "Modern" square shape seen on the Speed line. The racket will be introduced to the new Graphene 360...
  4. A

    Head gt speed mp vs head 360 speed mp

    Hi im betweent this two but i want To know the differences in play of someone has tested?. Im a 15 years old competitive player and im using the prince exo3 tour team so i want a new racquet please help me
  5. A

    Looking for a replacement of my prince exo3 tour 100t

    Hi im looking for a new racquet To replace this with similar headsize 100 or 98, thinner beam like 21-22 mm, low ra not a noodle like princes but softer and good launch angle. My gamestyle is a 16 years old baseliner player with a exceptional 2hdbh that i use my main weapon a average fh like...