head graphene touch

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    FS: Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro (current model) Grip Size / Size: 4 or 3 (I replaced the original pallets in size 3 for the square ones, TK82S, in size 4 plus a leather grip. I can install the original pallets and grip in size 3 again if desired) Quantity: 1...
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    Head gt speed mp vs head 360 speed mp

    Hi im betweent this two but i want To know the differences in play of someone has tested?. Im a 15 years old competitive player and im using the prince exo3 tour team so i want a new racquet please help me
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    Looking for a replacement of my prince exo3 tour 100t

    Hi im looking for a new racquet To replace this with similar headsize 100 or 98, thinner beam like 21-22 mm, low ra not a noodle like princes but softer and good launch angle. My gamestyle is a 16 years old baseliner player with a exceptional 2hdbh that i use my main weapon a average fh like...
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    Video recensione della racchetta Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP

    Scopri la nostra VIDEO recensione in lingua italiana della racchetta Head Graphene Touch Prestige MP. Abbiamo testato per voi questo nuovo telaio Head dedicato ai tennisti di livello avanzato e dotato della tecnologia Head Graphene Touch. Scopri questo modello altre racchette da tennis Head su...