1. D

    Tennis warehouse wont accept my credit card for security reasons.

    I placed an order today for Germany, both billing address and shipping address were the same and on my friends name who is from Germany. I entered the address and i entered MY credit card information ( I am not from Germany, I am from North Macedonia and my country was not one of the listed...
  2. N

    Help me make a choice -- Heavy frame, or more modern mold?

    Howdy folks, thanks for taking a peep at this thread. I'm a computer rated 4.5 player. Never played college (biggest regret in life) and admit to having a racket addiction. I've gotten better over the years, but because of the amount of rackets I string & people I teach, I get discounts on stuff...
  3. Pitti

    Need help developing a singles strategy

    Hi everyone! I've joined a local amateur tournament, and I find I have no main strategy, so I need some help. Here's an abstract of my technique: - Serve: It's ok. Not the most powerful serve, but not weak either. I tend not to hit a very powerful 1st serve. I can vary its placement and spin. I...
  4. zabarboon

    Critique My Serve: New Vid

    I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my last vid. I spent 10 minutes or so trying implement all of your guys' suggestions before I took this vid and I figured it might take a good bit repetition to adjust my muscle memory, so I'll put some more time into it later. Anyways, to everyone who...
  5. flat_spin

    Racquet recommendation

    I've been playing with the Yonex vcore pro (290g) for about two years now and looking to switch to a more solid / stable racquet. I'm considering the babolat pure aero and Wilson pro staff rf97. But I'm open any suggestions. Some info about me, Play style - aggressive baseline, decent serve...
  6. A

    Head iprestige Midplus, Dunlop M3.0 custom or New rackets?

    Hi all, Got a bit of a dilemma here. I am currently a div 1 club player in the UK and i am kind of stuck with my racket choice. I am currently using a Dunlop Biomimmetic M3.0 thats been customised to the same weight and balance as the old prostaff 95. The only issues is that this is too...
  7. M

    Best Hybrid For Aggressive Baseliner?

    Im 17, my favorite shot is the low down the line smashing forehand.I am very fast and get to most balls and come to the net often. I lack a good over head and back hand volley. I have a hard first serve but and a slow accurate 2nd serve. I use a full bed of Luxilon Big Banger at 55 currently in...
  8. aidanzman73

    Losing tension when stringing crosses.

    Hi guys, I’m using a gamma progression drop weight machine and every time I’ve strung a racket so far when I get to the crosses they always end up coming off in the range of 38-45lbs. I’ve used Poly, Syn Gut, Natural Gut, Multi and always the same. I’ve also changed the tension to try and...
  9. R

    New Setup RF97A

    I wanted to switch from my 90 BLX to a larger head size and I was wondering if this setup would be good: Racket: Wilson Prostaff 97 Autograph String: Full Bed KLIP Legend 16 Tension: 60lbs Overgrip: Yonex Super Grap I actually want to try the high power that comes from a full gut, if it's too...
  10. Simon_the_furry

    Cycling questions.

    I recently picked up an old, recently refurbished 18-speed mountain bike. It appeared to be a pretty high-end bicycle, quite nice for its time, as far as I can tell. Comfort-wise, though, it is absolutely KILLING me. I did a 15 mile bike ride the other day, and when I tried to get back on the...
  11. L

    How do I deal with an opponents mishits, frames, and net hits?

    I have a friend on my high school tennis team, lets call him bob, bob is tall and uses the babolat pure aero and hits his forehand in a western grip because he is tall and likes to hit balls while they are high. Due to his grip and that he doesn't watch the ball as he hits it he ends up framing...
  12. Simon_the_furry

    Boss is mad at me for supposedly not doing something that I actually did. Help me out, guys.

    Okay, so here's the deal. A few weeks ago I started work in a tennis pro shop. I do court and facilities maintenance. It's at a popular yacht club in the area. Yesterday it was raining, so a good bit of the work I would have had to do wasn't doable. When I got there, the trash cans were all...
  13. R

    Where to get red prostaff RF97 Autograph

    Fairly basic purpose for wanting one. Want same static weight as 90, but the plow of the RF and the sweetspot of a 97. Also don't want to drop more than $200, $250 for the black stick is way too much. Don't care if the racket is used or not, just no cracks, serious damage, etc. Also is full...
  14. Znak

    2 steps forehand 1 step back

    I'm slowly discovering my tennis game is like my golf game — I got the basics down quite easily then plateaued. To progress further it's taken/ing alot of time and discipline... I think I'll be 80 and have finally figured it all out. I'll shed old habits and play very well for awhile, then...
  15. A

    Strings for Wilson Pro Staff 95s {2015 - Black and Red, not the (predominantly) White edition}

    Hi! So I'm currently using a Prince Phantom 100 (with the O3 ports and all!). It's strung with Volkl Cyclone at the moment. I had the chance to use my friend's old PS95s (2015) and fell in love with it, I think it's such an easy racquet to transition to after having played with the PP100. The...
  16. A

    Pure Drive Alternatives?

    Hey everybody, I've played with the Pure Drive 2015 for about 2 years now and I'm wondering if there are any similar or relatively better racquets you'd recommend? I'm a NTRP 4.5 player in high school. I've heard good things about the Yonex Ezone DR 100 being similar to a Pure Drive, I demoed...
  17. Znak

    A year later, my serve still sucks.

    Trying to break down my serve and rebuild it this past year after 10 years of bad habits. It's proving tougher than I'd like to admit; I'm getting close but I still feel so far. I decided to get my friend to film me because in my head I feel like I'm doing things that I'm not and I'm glad that I...
  18. Josh_UK

    Info on Coaching in Australia

    Hello all, I'm new to the site and have already spent most of my day on here! I'm just looking for a bit of info about coaching in Australia... my partner and I are moving there late next year/early 2019 for a year (to begin with at least), and will be staying in Torquay with close friends...
  19. Y

    Burn 95 CV vs Blade 98 (18x20) CV?

    Hey guys, I'm a pretty high level college D1 player. I have been using the RF97 for the past two years getting decent results but I have recently realized that the weight is too much for me, causing me to have problems with maneuverability. I have now decided to switch to a slightly lighter...
  20. A

    ANGELL - Which TC? What string pattern?

    Hey guys, so this is what I'm looking for in a racquet: - Plush, buttery feel - Stable (while being under 12 oz would be ideal!) - Tons of control - Free power (this is just an added bonus, and does't have as much priority as the previously mentioned - if I'm not asking for too much) Based on...
  21. A

    Racket suggestions! :) Thank you!

    Hi! I'm 23 years old, and I play with a semi western forehand and a single handed backhand. I play an aggressive baseline game, and love to go to the net when the opportunity presents himself. I hit more flat shots than I do topspin. Ideally my racquet should be comfortable (plush, buttery feel...
  22. B

    Yonex Dr 98 specs help!!

    Hello! Quality 4.0 level player here.... but I am in need of some help. I currently play with the Yonex Ezone Dr 98. Poly Tour 125 string at 52lbs. (No added weight). To make a long story short, string broke, so I pulled out my old Babolat Aeropro drive 2010 100sq. In frame. Genesis string...
  23. A

    Help! Looking for an upgrade from the black Pro Staff 97LS!

    Hey guys, I'm currently using the black Pro Staff 97LS. I'm looking to upgrade now to a, well a big boy racquet haha. I'm looking for a heavier racquet with a similar feel that does all that the 97LS does, only better. I'm 23 YO, and use an eastern single handed backhand, and a semi western...
  24. Q

    My forehand video

    This isn't the first time I've posted on TW about my forehand (thread here) however, I finally have footage of my forehand and I'm hoping for some tips and clarification. After watching the clips I do think It has a lot of potential, but I keep dropping my rackuet too low almost as if it is 1000...
  25. Noah Swift


    so, one of my rackets got run over--its a long story--but does anyone know of a way to repair the cracks? they dont go all the way through.
  26. Bender

    Volleying Advice

    So lately my volleying skills have regressed badly and I'm either framing the ball, or hitting the volley too soft, or hitting the volley hard but too short. The main problem that I have identified is that when I'm playing doubles (and doubles specifically), when I'm the netman, as a righty, I...
  27. O

    Babolat Star 4 Trigger HELP!!

    I just recently bought a Babolat Star 4 for a really reasonable price. My only problem is that the trigger for the gripper is barely working. It take me a couple of presses in order to tension the string. Is there anyway to fix this??? I really need the help!! Want to string on this machine lol
  28. A

    Need help to choose? :)

    I am Head XT Instinct Mp and Rpm Blast user and I am planning to buy a new racquet. I have some choices but I need your suggestions and thoughts. I am 4.0-4.5 attack player and I love to go to net and hard hitting. I am 32 years old and 1.75m height. Never head any arm or wrist problem. I...
  29. J

    Luxilon Overgrip

    Hi, have a quick question. Just bought the new Luxilon Elite Dry overgrip and it has the plastic wrap on the same side as the sticky thing at the beginning of the overgrip... So then which way do you grip it- with the sticky side down as with most grips? On lots of other grips the sticky side...
  30. C

    Help Identifying Head Shoes

    Hi, I'm not sure why but I really like this shoe by head. Saw it randomly and I couldn't find any trace of it online. I'm sure its hasn't been sold in 10+ years and this feels like a dead end but I thought I would try.