1. Noah Swift


    so, one of my rackets got run over--its a long story--but does anyone know of a way to repair the cracks? they dont go all the way through.
  2. Bender

    Volleying Advice

    So lately my volleying skills have regressed badly and I'm either framing the ball, or hitting the volley too soft, or hitting the volley hard but too short. The main problem that I have identified is that when I'm playing doubles (and doubles specifically), when I'm the netman, as a righty, I...
  3. O

    Babolat Star 4 Trigger HELP!!

    I just recently bought a Babolat Star 4 for a really reasonable price. My only problem is that the trigger for the gripper is barely working. It take me a couple of presses in order to tension the string. Is there anyway to fix this??? I really need the help!! Want to string on this machine lol
  4. A

    Need help to choose? :)

    I am Head XT Instinct Mp and Rpm Blast user and I am planning to buy a new racquet. I have some choices but I need your suggestions and thoughts. I am 4.0-4.5 attack player and I love to go to net and hard hitting. I am 32 years old and 1.75m height. Never head any arm or wrist problem. I...
  5. J

    Luxilon Overgrip

    Hi, have a quick question. Just bought the new Luxilon Elite Dry overgrip and it has the plastic wrap on the same side as the sticky thing at the beginning of the overgrip... So then which way do you grip it- with the sticky side down as with most grips? On lots of other grips the sticky side...
  6. C

    Help Identifying Head Shoes

    Hi, I'm not sure why but I really like this shoe by head. Saw it randomly and I couldn't find any trace of it online. I'm sure its hasn't been sold in 10+ years and this feels like a dead end but I thought I would try.
  7. C

    Racket help coming from a Wilson BLX Bold

    So when I started tennis my racquet was he Wilson BLX Bold which plays great, manoeuvrable, comfortable, good on serves volleys and helps with consistency but has no spin even with rpm blast. I am coming onto 16 years of age now and decided it was best to go for a heavier racquet that gave good...
  8. Vincent Flores

    Ideas for a Spring Break or Summer Routine?

    Hi, sorry if i post on the wrong sub-forum. This is my first time posting a thread in TW, but I have been surfing around the site because there's a lot of useful threads to look at. I'm a junior in high school who just started playing tennis last year after the spring season was over (around...
  9. J

    Backhand Tips

    Hey friends, Trying to improve my backhand - can you give me some tips? In the past my my arms were more bent on contact, so i've tried having more straight arms on contact. I think i've improved but its still not quite where it needs to be. Any tips, advice would be great. Thanks. (Also...