1. T

    Tennis Highlights

    Does somebody know how to make highlights in HD?
  2. raph6

    Where can I have proper highlights of Nadal/DelPotro ?

    I couldn't watch the match yesterday and thought I would find highlights of 15/20 minutes on YouTube as usual. But I can only find the highlights made by the Wimbledon account which last 3minutes for a match of 5 hour... It's a shame. So do you know where can I find the entire match or better...
  3. Stefan Dimov

    Teen Federer (18, 19 y/o) - 70 winners in HQ

    Compiled by me. Big thanks to TGM for the footage.
  4. merwy

    Who would've thought these guys would not play an important role in 2017 after this amazing match?

    To me this is the most enjoyable Murrovic match out there. Aggressive baseline hitting combined with chess-like tactics from both sides. Novak seemed to be more the aggressor and often found himself hitting approach shots and following up to the net. Murray had clearly planned on abusing Novak's...
  5. TearTheRoofOff

    AO 2017 Final Highlights Are Most Viewed

    One set of highlights on Youtube for the AO 2017 Final is already the most viewed highlights video for a Federer match, having recently overtaken the HQ 2008 Wimbledon Final highlights posted 3 years ago. It will soon overtake Djokodal AO 2012 also. 1,646,000+ views in under a week further...