holy grail

  1. S

    I built my Holy Grail..!!

    My first project with the Vcore 95D's (Link below) was such a success for my game that i took on the Vcore 330 https://photos.app.goo.gl/hThmijo9puJpTRKW8 - Vcore 330 pic to come We all know the stock specs of a Vcore 330 2019 (way too heavy for me) - Static weight - 349g - Swingweight - 330...
  2. OldManStan

    Holy grail string for Diadem Elevate Tour

    Strung my Diadem Elevate Tour (stock) today with Gosen AK PRO CX 17g at 50lbs and holy cow did it feel good for only $9. Effortless power and pace. Launch angle was low to medium compared to spinny strings like Ultra Cable, which I did not mind at all. There is string movement within the...
  3. galapagos

    Ultimate racquet of choice - tournament players and/or coaches

    What are you guys using? ULTIMATE RACQUET TOURNAMENT -> youtube TECNIFIBRE: 1. TFight 305 RS (click) - 7.5/10- comfort, solidness, easiness. It's somewhere between Speed Pro and Prestige MP. 18x19 pattern !!! Would like to see 315-325g version with 305mm-315mm balance. 2. TF40 315 18x20...