1. A

    RPM Blast "hybrid": 18 in Mains, 17 in crosses

    Hey everyone, After reading the 18 gauge (1.20mm) customer reviews of RPM Blast and considering I'm not destroying my 17 gauge strings in 10 hours (I should hit harder and spinnier, I know), would an 18g mains (for bite) and a 17g crosses (for control?) a good mix? Apparently, a full bed of 18...
  2. T

    Luxilon Alu Power and Solinco Hyper G

    Has anyone tried or have knowledge about hybrid stringing with Luxilon Alu Power and Solinco Hyper G? What do you Think about that combination? What tension will you recommend? And which string will you prefer on the mains and which one on the crosses?
  3. J

    5.5 player looking for the ideal string setup of my prince 93p

    Hi guys, I'm a dutch former teaching pro looking for the ideal string setup op my prince 93p 14x18. My style of play is an allcourt game with very high ball speeds. I control the ball with a combination of launch angle and spin. My baseline strokes have a rather flat trajectory, while still...
  4. D

    Wet/damp Weather alternative to Wilson Champions Choice

    Hi All, I currently use the Wilson Champions choice hybrid and I am loving it. However, I am reluctant to play with it when it is raining or when it is damp as I’ve heard natural gut will easily break if it is exposed to water. Is the any alternatives to Wilson Champion’s choice that can be...
  5. J

    Gut / poly hybrid - same tension or differential?

    Hi all, What tension differential do you all recommend in a gut / poly hybrid setup? Most ATP players seem to string 2-4 lbs higher on the gut mains than the poly crosses, but they also switch to fresh strings before the poly loses much tension. I've been using a 2 lbs differential (mains...
  6. pico

    Speed gains with poly / multi?

    Hi all. I primarily play full poly. I have used poly / multi hybrids in the past. I currently use a Zepp sensor on my HEAD racquet and am working towards developing more pace on my strokes. Technique can definitely be improved! If I switched to using multis on a cross, would this aid with adding...
  7. V

    Favorite round poly cross in a hybrid?

    What are some good round polys to use in the crosses with a shaped main poly string (like hyper g)?
  8. E

    Best round polly for “hybriding”

    What is your recommendation for a round polly that has a great tension maintenance to be put in a hybrid, in mains with a Velocity MLT. The objective is for decent spin, tension maintenance and comfort (comfort can be left to multi/syn crosses to do their stuff).
  9. Shotmaker75

    Luxilon 4G soft better in a hybrid or full bed?

    I played for many years with NG mains /Alu power crosses. Love it for its power, feel and spin....control was there but for me the “perfect” balance between all this aspects never lasted long, making me restring very often and I always needed to have at least one or two fresh string rackets...
  10. R

    Which poly to hybrid with natural gut?

    I'm seriously considering trying natural gut again as the last time was when I was about 12 years old. I have no memory of the feel. The natural gut I would get is Babolat VS Touch 1.25 (which is apparently VS Team?) and get it strung on the mains in one of my VCORE 95 rackets. I usually have...
  11. K

    Hybrid setup where MSV spin plus break in 15 mins

    Hi all, I’m using a hybrid setup of Volkl Cyclone 1.25 mm(mains) and MSV Spin Plus 1.30 mm (crosses), both on 24.5kg in my Wilson Pro staff 315g (16x19). Very often the MSV spin plus just snaps after 10 or 20 mins of playing. Most of the time it breaks somewhere in the middle of the 3th or 4th...
  12. FREDerer_NadAUGUSTO

    Broke gut again, a suggstion for good alternative please

    Hey, honorables! How are you doing? The issue is that I am getting in a tournament next weak, but I ve broken a gut string of one of my rackets:cry:. I like my hybrid setup (vs touch mains at 50 lb/ yonex poly tour fire crosses at 47 lb), but right now i am looking for a more economic and spin...
  13. P

    Why some multis unravel and which for hybrid?

    I dont know a whole lot about string as you can tell from my question, but here it is: I used in my Yonex Ezone 98 2020 a hybrid of SolincoTB in mains and Wilson NXT in crosses (@23kg), which is the perfect setup for me... EXCEPT that durability of tension hold is not great and it mostly just...
  14. AemiliusRex

    Co-poly hybrid: HGS+Cream

    Hi all, Switched from fullbed RPM Team to fullbed Isospeed Cream recently, and loved the new feel and responsiveness. Was looking forward to Hyper-G Soft for some extra control, but, HGS feels somewhat dead compared to Cream. Yes, better control and spin than Cream, but lacking the power and...
  15. R

    Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0 string advice?

    Hey guys, I'm getting in a Wilson Ultra Tour 2.0 soon. I plan on adding a leather grip to it, Head XtremeSoft overgrip without overlap on top of leather grip and regular Wilson Pro overgrip on top of that. The no overlap, thin and soft Head overgrip to make the leather grip more bearable for my...
  16. lordsmee

    Strings for new Graphene 360+ Prestige MP? Hybrid or Poly?

    Hey guys, just got the Graphene 360+ Prestige MP - but need help with strings. (Static weight is 347g after everything.) Context: I played with a Youtek Prestige MP with a hybrid of alu-power 55lbs/57lbs wilson NXT. I could attack with deep flat balls, but found it hard to generate spin. As my...
  17. T

    help for hybrid multi/multi or stinging please ?

    Hi, I know there are millions of topics out there about hybrid strings, but I did not find what I was looking for ... my background : low level player, I successfully catched a very severe elbow issue back in december, on a pure aero team 2016 with full bed multifilament (prince premier...
  18. Rudi Bergner

    Hybrid hyper g

    Hi, I’m experiencing really dull and stiff stringbed lately, and I’m trying a lot of stuff. one of the things that came to my mind was trying hyper g mains with a softer round string on crosses. I tried hyper g mains 23kg/ prolineII crosses 22kg I would expect nice byte and SnapBack but after...
  19. Y

    RPM Blast vs Hawk Touch for crosses with gut mains?

    Also, how do you think the two compare against each other? Any feedback is appreciated! :)
  20. pico

    Cyclone 18g mains and 17g crosses?

    Just wondering how hybriding an 18g on mains and 17g on crosses would be? The strings would be poly.
  21. Rudi Bergner

    String science, hybrid effects and doubts.

    Hi, I’m a bit confused about string properties because I’m trying to make a hybrid bed for myself. So I was checking strings and their specifications trying to achieve a softer feel and more pocketing on my playabilty. I use full bed of Hyper G with 23kg full bed but recently 23kg main/ 22kg...
  22. liftordie

    Adding crispness and control to Hyper-G 16 (with a good cross)

    Gamma Moto lime 16 is a great cross for Hyper-G 16. If you want more control and especially crispier feel. Snapback is also really impressive. It is stiffer so you need to string lower than your usual HG fullbed. I will also try MSV Focus Hex Ultra 16 as a cross with Hyper-G 16, pretty soon...
  23. pico

    Gamma Moto mains, Head RIP Control crosses?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this setup or something similar i.e. Gamma Moto in mains and HEAD Rip Control in the crosses? I currently play a full bed of RIP Control but would like to get a hybrid setup going.
  24. romainjub

    Suggestions for hybrid string

    Hello, sorry for the translation, I'm french;) Following a small injury (gardening + tennis), I want to play with my old racquets Head radical OS 690 (trisys 260), less rigid than the pure aero and no longer play with a full mono but with a hybrid mono / synthetic gut. BUT as this racket has a...

    FB Poly vs. Hybrid - Evaluating String Bed Stiffness

    A friend of mine is a solid 4.5 1,2 singles USTA player that hits with a Volkl V1 Classic racquet. Last fall was the last time I saw him play and he was using Luxilon Element. Sometime over the winter he switched to 4G at 52 lbs and developed arm issues and had taken some time off. He reached...
  26. Grapplesnake USA Official

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Hello, TT friends! We are happy to let you know that Grapplesnake Strings are now available in the United States. We are a German string manufacturer, and have been around in Europe for about two years. Before developing tennis strings, we focused our attention in the rope industry for sports...
  27. liftordie

    Grapplesnake strings

    This new brand offers high quality strings! Test them and give your opinion! Personally I play with the Neon Dust hybrid and it's a killer!!! Made in Germany
  28. FREDerer_NadAUGUSTO

    Needing a suggestion for a new hybrid set

    Hello, dear fellow tennis players and fans of ther sport! I am new to the forum but I follow it since long time ago! Nice to meet Ya! I ve decided to star posting here, because I haven't found a thread about the strings I am intending to use. I play tennis casually since ten year old and...
  29. liftordie

    Velocity/poly hybrid for CLAY spin player

    Anyone is playing with hybrid V/poly on clay with a strong spin game? Does it last long? What cross are you using?
  30. M

    Need recommendation for hybrid strings

    Hi I play with a Graphene Touch Speed Pro 18x20 String Pattern Currently play with volkl cyclone I'm looking for a durable hybrid that has a shaped poly in the mains because I want spin friendly strings or includes the volkl cyclone in the hybrid and want a soft durable string in the crosses...