1. pico

    Ideas for a private court setup

    I am looking to setup a private indoor court. It would just be one court. Need help with how to do this. Some options are: 1) i know a person with a private court. Would be awesome to be able to shelter it since we have snowy winters. Then lighting comes into play too. 2) Renting warehouse space...
  2. A

    Indoor tennis in London

    (I am aware there is a similar thread but it is old and doesn't address all of my criteria. I was unable to find definitive information online (including the LTA site).) I'm in London in December with a friend and would like to play. Given the weather and the fact we'll be travelling we'd like...
  3. M

    Minimum ceiling (roof) height for indoor tennis court

    I know that for recreational play level indoor tennis courts, the recommended Minimum height measured from the court surface at the net should be 9 meters (30 feet). However, wanted to know real experience...
  4. raph6

    ATP Finals back in Tokyo in 2021

    As you all know, the ATP has decided to change the venue of the ATP World Tour Finals for 2021 and beyond as it has been held in London for a decade already. 4 cities were in the final discussion for this event : Turin, Manchester, Singapore and Tokyo. According to former players on the...
  5. W

    Splitting Indoors

    I am curious about the indoor versus outdoor distinction, which is often referenced to explain seemingly unusual observations e.g. "Jones didn't do well because it was indoors, he doesn't like indoors/the indoor courts are quick and low bouncing etc." The ideal I start with is that its should...
  6. C

    2017 ATP World Tour Finals RRP - [1] Nadal vs [7] Goffin

    Okay. Still no thread for this match at almost the last minute, so I'm making one. H2H: 2017 Madrid Masters QF Clay Rafael Nadal David Goffin 7-6(3) 6-2 2017 Monte Carlo Masters SF Clay Rafael Nadal David Goffin 6-3 6-1 Exo: 2016 Abu Dhabi F Outdoor Hard Rafael Nadal David Goffin 6-4 7-6(5)...
  7. C

    2017 Basel - General Discussion

    2017 SWISS INDOORS Date 23 – 29 October Edition 48th Category ATP World Tour 500 Draw 32 (4Q / 3WC) Surface Indoor Hard Location Basel, Switzerland 2016 Champion DRAW Qualifying draw Venue: The once ball kid: Will return as the pizzapa finally: :p