1. J


    Just to see what the general public thinks is a good racket for a average Joe to play.
  2. wferdinand

    General 97-98 vs 100 sqin headsize comparsion

    A friend of mine have a mind-breaking opinion: He had Yonex EZone DR 98 285g and EZone DR 100 300g, and his experience was how hit more frame with DR 98 compared to DR 100. No, this is not a joke, but I know how this is ********. Independently from this thing I compared my (old) Head G XT...
  3. wferdinand

    wferdinand's racquet test experiences

    I'm using a Head Graphene XT Instinct MP stringed with Orange Tiger @ 22/21 kgs. When I was comeback to court I wasn't test anything, just only bought this racquet about sympathy. Now I'm testing some racquets. I was started with an Wilson Steam 99S which saleable from my...
  4. A

    Need Urgent Advise

    I am 3.5-4.0 level player. I like to play aggressive game and like to come to net a lot. I like topspin forehands.My current racquet is Head Xt Instinct MP(9 gr lead at handle+5 gr at 3&9). I want to buy a new racquet. My choices are 1) Wilson Pro Staff 97s 2) Babolat Pure Strike 18X20 I...