1. eman11

    Jack Sock Shoes 2023 US Open

    Interesting that Sock decided to go with the NoBull Court Trainers
  2. Third Serve

    Longest Tiebreak Ever

    Lads and ladies, what we have just witnessed in the Dallas Open semifinals today was apparently the longest-ever tiebreak by points in the ATP Tour. Reilly Opelka triumphed over John Isner in a thrilling battle 7-6 (7) 7-6 (22). Along the way, he saved 10 set points and hammered down a...
  3. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Isner, Indian Wells final, 2012

    Roger Federer beat John Isner 7-6(7), 6-3 in the Indian Wells final, 2012 on hard court It was Federer's than record setting 4th title at the event. To date, he's joint record holder with Novak Djokovic with 5 titles. It was Isner's first Masters final Federer won 72 points, Isner...
  4. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs Isner, Miami final, 2019

    Roger Federer beat John Isner 6-1, 6-4 in the Miami final, 2019 on hard court It was Federer's 4th title at the event. Isner was the defending champion Federer won 55 points, Isner 33 Serve Stats Federer... - 1st serve percentage (20/35) 57% - 1st serve points won (20/20)...
  5. W

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Nadal vs Raonic & Nadal vs Isner, Canadian Open & Cincinnati finals, 2013

    Rafael Nadal beat Milos Raonic 6-2, 6-2 in the Canadian Open final, 2013 on hard court in Montreal It was Nadal's third title at the event. He would follow it up by winning the next Masters event at Cincinnati. Raonic was playing in his first Masters final Nadal won 55 points, Raonic 31...
  6. Wander

    Winning 100% of first serve points in a match

    How often does this type of thing happen? I am sure it must happen, but probably exceedingly rare in finals? Can anyone list some examples besides Federer vs. Isner at Miami Final in 2019? Also, what examples are there of a higher percentage of points won on serve than 32/35 = ~91.4% in a match?
  7. HetTheGreaterer

    John Isner has won heart today....

    I really admire this guy's gamesmanship and sportsmanship... Did manage to take it to the last point, Even if he couldn't move, he didn't give up or retire from the match. You've made me your fan, big Johnny... Wishing you quick recovery and a very good season ahead... (Coming from a fed fan)
  8. HetTheGreaterer

    Learn something from big John, nick..

    John didn't give up, didn't try to tank until last point, was rallying to stay alive even though he literally couldn't move... He may not be a shotmaker like you, but surely is a great fighter and real tennis player with grit at heart... Were you watching the match nick kyrgious??? Did you learn...
  9. Im(moral) Winner

    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    The defending Miami champion vs the guy who lost his last three master finals. This is their second final since Indian Wells 2012. 6'0'' vs 5'11''
  10. ReturnAndVolley

    Isner - Cilic will be the first atp finals match this year to go to 3 sets (singles)

    They just started but I think it's obvious
  11. Enceladus

    2018 ATP Finals RR: (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (8.) John Isner

    ATP H2H: 8-2 for Djokovic Hard surface H2H: 7-2 for Djokovic Djoker wins last five mutual matches. For Isner, this match is the first match at the ATP Finals.
  12. D

    Isner in the bag for US Open

  13. HetTheGreaterer

    Cillic losing to Isner ???

    I mean how?? Cilic is better in FH, BH, Movement and behind only in service against Isner. How does he lost to him? Same case at the last year rome
  14. MS_07

    Why world is so cruel to rafa nadal ?

    World gave him a fair chance at USO. He won it without facing any top 25 player. But now look at China - 500 draw ... R 32 - lucas poille (#23) R 16 - khachanov (#32) QF - isner (#17) SF - dimitrov (#8) / jmdp (#24) / RBA (#13) F - Nick (#20) / m zverev (#26) / PCB (#10) / berdie...
  15. J

    'I would never do that': Roger Federer withdrawal from French Open questioned by John Isner

    *Not a hate thread from me, just posting news* Personally it's Roger's prerogative. Roger Federer's decision to miss a second consecutive French Open has come in for criticism from world number 22 John Isner. The...