1. F

    ITF Masters - IPIN - Name Correction

    Hey guys, Did anybody get to correct their name with the ITF? I entered my full name there. Not from USA, so 3 different surnames. My name in the draw is atrocious. Would love to only leave one of the surnames there (that is my "preferred name" on the IPIN website). Did anybody manage to do...
  2. M

    Tennis is a dying sport and it needs more economical help investment before being replaced for paddle.

    Tennis is an underrated sport and it needs more economical help investment before being replaced for paddle. I know that tennis is not a popular sport compared to football, but the nextgen players of the ITF and some of the ATP need more resources to develop by themselves. Something like PTPA...
  3. F

    ITF World Tennis Number to NTRP Rating Conversion

    Are there general guidelines for what part of the range of the 1-40 ITF World Tennis Rating would fall into the different NTRP levels in most cases. For example would a 3.0 player generally have a 32-40 ITF, a 3.5 at 18-31, 4.0 at 13-17 etc? I’m also curious how big the ITF point spread...
  4. M

    Is it legal to skip crosses or mains in an ITF tournament?

    Im wondering if custom string patterns are legal. Since the ATP pros like Tiafoe skip 1 cross
  5. N01E

    Barty shows leadership in these demanding times

    Removing her Wimbledon points months before ITF and WTA decided to do it themselves. What a legend.
  6. Enceladus

    Poll: Is rescheduling RG the right step?

    Do you agree to move the RG in the fall, or the French Open should have been completely abolished for 2020?
  7. ChaelAZ

    Anyone doing ITF Seniors in FL?

    I have yet to be able to participate for the ITF Seniors events, but was wondering if anyone else competes or even attends. ---- Dear player, Entries for the 2020 ITF Seniors World Individual Championships, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA (2 – 9 May 2020), are now open! Singles, Doubles and...
  8. WilPro

    Maximum racquet weight allowed on tour

    I was wondering if there is a maximum weight allowed on tour as there is a maximum racquet length allowed on tour (29 inch). I just want to know if maximum weight is regulated by some one on the WTA, ATP or ITF tour. Thanks.
  9. A

    Governing structure

    I'm trying to find a good overview of the structure of the governing bodies of tennis and how they may shape the future of the sport, detailed information and analysis welcome too. I vaguely remember someone, maybe Stephanie Myles or MattRacquet, retweeting an article around maybe the middle of...
  10. Harry_Wild

    New 2019 ITF Transition Tour! The ITF announced details of the new ITF transition tour that will be launched in 2019 as part of a major restructuring of professional tennis. The tour will provide a more effective pathway linking the ITF Junior...
  11. HetTheGreaterer

    Make roofs everywhere

    This climate change is making a vast impact on tennis matches...... See this cincinati masters, its washed up at a high extent..... Retractable Roof should be compulsory for every Grandslam, ATP masters 1000, ATP500, ATP250 on atleast 2-3 courts for GS/M1000 and 1-2 on 500 and atleast 1 on...
  12. CourtHive

    An Engine for Ratings and Rankings...

    An article which tries to put the current focus on ratings in perspective...
  13. Backspin1183

    Nadal's 900th win

    His victory over Marterer was his 900th career win. "I don't feel old. But I am 32, and I have been here since 2003, so it's a long way, a lot of years," he said. "I started very young. That's a real thing. But, no, I feel happy to be here. Being honest, I am enjoying the day by day on the...
  14. V

    Rules question: Ball hitting the net and net hitting opponent's racquet

    When playing doubles one opponent stays very close to the net. I hit a very hard shot. My opponent puts his racquet as close as possible to the net. My shot hits and pushes the net till it touches my opponent's racquet. The ball bounces back into my court. The was shot clearly wouldn't cross...
  15. T

    How can a player ranked outside the top 100 enter in the qualifying draw?

    I'm just confused about the order of the tournaments and requirements to enter in a tournament. Please be patient because I would like to understand. I do know I'm just too confused about it. So, if you are outside of the top 100, you are not going to join a tournament by receiving a direct...
  16. Backspin1183

    Rafael Nadal Says Lower-ranked Players Need More Money

    Melbourne: World number one Rafa Nadal voiced his support for players to demand a greater share of tennis revenues, saying that more lower-ranked professionals should be able to make a living from the sport. Nadal's comments follow media reports this week that Novak Djokovic, the president of...
  17. Backspin1183

    2017 would be remembered for...

    Nadal's historic La Decima at Roland Garros. Roger F winning record 8th Wimbledon. Oldest year end number 1 of the Open Era. Longevity. The "No Excuses" Grand Slam final won by F. "Claydal" winning his third US Open clay court title. Dimitrov peaks on a tennis court to win the...
  18. B

    Advice Coming Back.

    I would like some advice. I took a couple years off to go overseas for some personal and missionary projects. I am now trying to come back play college tennis and then play some futures when ready. (I am already clear as far as NCAA rules.) I was just looking for some advice of how to plan...
  19. gogo

    Impact of gambling on lower level ITF matches

    I know this is nothing new. I know that things won't likely change. But...I feel for most of the players (the ones that are just trying to get a foothold in tennis) who are subjected to this negative force. And, of course, there are those gamblers who are aggressively abusive towards the pro...
  20. skip1969

    The Official Fifth-Set Tiebreak Thread

    With the 2017 US Open right around the corner, I thought the time was right to introduce a statistical thread about best-of-five set matches. Part of the reason is to have a thread that can be bumped every time the topic comes up . . . and it does come up. If we don’t bring it up here on the...
  21. gogo

    Overhaul of professional tennis at entry level...overdue

    "The ITF Board of Directors has approved a major restructuring of professional tennis at its entry level. The reform programme of changes will include a radical reduction in the number of truly professional players and the creation of a new global ITF Transition Tour in 2019 that will provide...