jannick sinner

  1. Enceladus

    2023 YEC SF: (3.) Medvedev vs (4.) Sinner

    ATP H2H: 6-2 for Medvedev H2H in 2023 season: 2-2 tied Meddy bear will meet Jannik for the fifth time this season. The first two mutual matches in Rotterdam and Miami went in Meddy's favor, while the Beijing and Vienna encounters were dominated by Sinner. Who will win here?
  2. Dbrizz

    Sinner vs Alcaraz Miami match Courier comment on string

    I half heard Courier comment that someone changed to a “softer” string when he was commenting on Sinner / Alcaraz match. Does anyone remember that comment and know who he was talking about? Was he talking about Alcaraz who plays with rpm blast and has had elbow issues?
  3. SinneGOAT

    Why Sinner is SinneGOAT

    Let me tell you all a story. The story of a little known Italian kid with a beautiful head of hair and... skiing!?! This Italian Stallion’s rise from skiing to the (superior) sport of tennis was an interesting sprint to the top. From small beginnings to a $250,000 earnings, this is the story of...