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  1. D

    Next full size racquet for 13yo 4'10" boy

    Hi Who can recommend full size racquet for my boy 13 yo, slim frame, 4'10" tall, very athletic, perfect pitcher, now in tennis business.. He likes internally Nadal line, but I think it could be too stiff for him. We're looking for max 300g weight and 4+ HL . Thanks Mario
  2. AceyMan

    Inquiries on moving from 26" to a full size frame for a junior

    That's it. That's the thread. Angles could be: When are they ready to move on from a Jr frame? What are good frames for the move up? (at the time of your response) How to judge/fit weight & balance, grip size, what-not, for a growing junior. Etc., /Acey
  3. D

    Course for 10 yo student

    Hi, our boy play with personal couch for 2+ years, on and off, roughly 1.5 times per week, now he can do 10+ comfortable shots with the coach, can do about 40% first serve, what is the best next step to advance to competition play? or better say next step? Coach says that it could be bit early...
  4. T

    Long break for a junior - what to do?

    I am a junior and I recently took a 1-year break from tennis due to COVID (march 2020 to april 2021). Right before the break, I was playing at a UTR 6.5 level. After coming back to tennis, however, I am playing around a UTR 4 level which is really bothering me since I was a lot better...

    When Frozen USTA Rankings/UTR are Unfrozen

    My son had accumulated a good bit of USTA ranking points and also his UTR was heading up before the pandemic and they froze things. Does anyone know what the process will be when the USTA unfreezes the rankings. The Junior rankings are the top 6 years over a sliding 1 year scale so let's...
  6. T

    Junior with possible stress fracture in back

    We have an 11 year old daughter who has suddenly developed lower back pain that is being treated by a physiotherapist who has suspicions it is a stress fracture but doesn’t want to expose her to radiation if it can be managed with rest. She is taking 4 weeks off initially then reevaluating...
  7. M

    17 Year Old Tennis Player

    Hey guys, it's Michael, a 17 year old tennis player hitting a few balls. Feedback appreciated