1. Tecnifibre Official

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Hello everyone! This is Eric/Nick here with Tecnifibre and we’re here to create a new thread to better engage with the community and answer all of your questions. Below is a brief introduction on the two of us, how we got into tennis, and what we do for Tecnifibre. We look forward to meeting...
  2. C

    Help me understand grips

    My 10 year old plays a good game and is competitive in tournament tennis. Overall, her game is more about consistency than power. She has fast feet and a will to win. We have noted that her forehands are good but that the other kids at her level seem to have a more powerful forehand across the...
  3. Aleksey Zharinov

    How To Choose A Great Coach (Part 2)

    How To Choose A Great Coach (Part 2) Being a good coach consists of few factors: extensive knowledge of technique, precise root error detection and effective methods of fixing it, constant feedback, ability to transfer knowledge to a student, ability to structure practice with the most benefit...
  4. Vincent Flores

    Ideas for a Spring Break or Summer Routine?

    Hi, sorry if i post on the wrong sub-forum. This is my first time posting a thread in TW, but I have been surfing around the site because there's a lot of useful threads to look at. I'm a junior in high school who just started playing tennis last year after the spring season was over (around...