klip legend pro tour

  1. A

    Natural Gut and Zyex...Maybe You Can Have It All?

    Hello all! So, I have just finished about 20 hours on one of my Pro Staff 97L Camo CV's that I have strung up with Klip Legend 17 natural gut mains (58 lbs.) and Ashaway Monogut ZX Pro Zyex crosses (54 lbs.) and I can honestly say that this hybrid setup is simply incredible. For background, I...
  2. Yoneyama

    Klip Legend Pro Tour Hybrid Stringset

    Hi all, Has anyone ever used this in any gauge: https://www.klip.com.au/shopexd.asp?id=237 Hybrid set by Klip consisting of Natural Gut and their own Poly. I currently use Klip Legend Natural Gut 16 mains and Alu Power Rough 16 crosses and absolutely love it. I just noticed Klip have their...