1. R

    New Setup RF97A

    I wanted to switch from my 90 BLX to a larger head size and I was wondering if this setup would be good: Racket: Wilson Prostaff 97 Autograph String: Full Bed KLIP Legend 16 Tension: 60lbs Overgrip: Yonex Super Grap I actually want to try the high power that comes from a full gut, if it's too...
  2. R

    Should I Change My Strings Wilson Prostaff 90

    My current setup that my coach strung is Wilson Prostaff 90 BLX ('12/'13) Mains : Solinco HyperG?? (It's a green poly so thats my guess) Crosses : Luxilon Alu Power Tension : idk but it's pretty tight for a full bed of poly Currently, my racket feels like a club, and I have to try 100% for...
  3. Yoneyama

    Klip Legend Pro Tour Hybrid Stringset

    Hi all, Has anyone ever used this in any gauge: https://www.klip.com.au/shopexd.asp?id=237 Hybrid set by Klip consisting of Natural Gut and their own Poly. I currently use Klip Legend Natural Gut 16 mains and Alu Power Rough 16 crosses and absolutely love it. I just noticed Klip have their...