1. pico

    Syn gut strings slipping out of clamps

    Hi all. I have a Klippermate. I have tried to string a racquet with two different syn gut strings now and they both slipped out of my clamps during stringing. I have been able to string syn gut fine before. Do I need new clamps? I can string poly fine.
  2. D

    Can a Klippermate dropweight replace a ratchet mech?

    I currently have a Klippermate. If I upgrade to a 6-point, fixed clamp, dropweight machine with a ratchet mechanism, is it possible to replace the ratchet with the Klippermate dropweight? Any thoughts?
  3. C

    New to stringing, using klippermate

    I just strung my second racket with the klippermate, so far so good! Just a few simple questions. The directions from klippermate recommend a double hitch for the mains, start of the crosses, and the final tie off. Is it appropriate to use this knot for all tie offs? What other knots are...