1. Zardoz7/12

    Where is Murray in the "ATG" rankings? Somewhere with Courier and Kuerten? But he is not an "ATG".

    I'm a realist, I could fanboy and tell you Murray is the greatest thing since fried marsbars in regards of tennis but he isn't, he's not an "all time great" if he is one then do all the other 3 time slam winners classify as ATG's? Is Wawrinka an all time great?, his career has been made to look...
  2. AnOctorokForDinner

    Kuerten's constant close losses in HC GS (AO/USO) in 1999-2003

    Played and lost all 10, of which 9 in close fights - 5 five-setters and 4 tight, tiebreak-filled four setters. Could've been 10 of 10 if he didn't clutch out the epic against Mirnyi in 2001 USO only to get destroyed by Kafelnikov in QF. Specific scores: 1999 AO: l. to Safin 6-3 5-7 4-6 6-3 6-4...