1. jl809

    Based on form alone going into the QFs, Kyrgios is the clear favourite to win the men’s US Open?

    I’m not saying he will win it, because no-one does meltdowns like he does and he may find the “easy” draw a curse and not a blessing. But purely from a tennis point of view, Nick is surely the guy going in with the most pedigree, right? Serve is looking deadly on the skidding court, he can S&V...
  2. W

    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Kyrgios, Wimbledon final, 2022

    Novak Djokovic beat Nick Kyrgios 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(3) in the Wimbledon final, 2022 on grass It was Djokovic’s 21st Slam title and 4th Wimbledon title in a row. Kyrgios was unseeded and playing in his first Slam final. The event did not grant any ATP ranking points Djokovic won 132 points...
  3. spottishwood

    Kyrgios: If I was up against anyone else but Djokovic..... Do you agree? Or you do reckon anybody else's chances?
  4. threehandedbackhand

    When a first-time finalist tries to defeat a multiple-time finalist...

    Period: 2006-2022 2 wins, 16 losses 06 AO Baghdatis L 07 AO Gonzalez L 07 USO Djokovic L 08 AO Tsonga L 08 USO Murray L 09 RG Soderling L 09 USO Del Potro W (def. Federer) 10 WIM Berdych L 13 RG Ferrer L 14 AO Wawrinka W (def. Nadal) 16 WIM Raonic L 17 USO Anderson L 18 RG Thiem L 19 USO...
  5. Rafa4LifeEver

    2022 Wimbledon Final :- Novak Djokovic (1) [SRB] v/s Nicholas Kyrgios [AUS]

    The 3rd ever meeting between the two. Interestingly, first in over 5 years & 3 months (since 2017 Indian wells 4R) Nick won both previous ones in Mexico & California. Probably not the matchup everyone expected at the beginning of the tournament, but it's here nevertheless. Djokovic is on a 27...
  6. Rafa4LifeEver

    2022 Wimbledon Quarter Final :- Nicholas Kyrgios [AUS] v/s Cristin Garin [CHI]

    3rd ever slam quarter final for Nick, with the first one being at Wimbledon itself 8 years ago in 2014. 1st ever slam quarter final for Garin, that too ironically on grass (he is a clay court specialist) Both have survived a tough 5 setter in the round before. Nick won 4-6 6-6 7-6 3-6 6-2 vs...
  7. pedro94

    What happens now that Kyrgios can't use his usual excuse anymore...

    Nick can't use his usual "if I cared enough I'd win much more" bulls**t, after the way he celebrated after beating Tsitsipas yesterday. Judging by his celebration he clearly cares, so which fresh new excuse will the AussieClown use when he looses very soon (likely next round)? Vote and...
  8. M

    Nike sleeveless Kyrgios shirt?

    Hey, does anyone know where to find the sleeveless shirt which Kyrgios wears? I'm able to find regular t-shirt, but not sleeveless one. Thanks
  9. Z

    An analysis of Forehand greatness After my Musetti post, I sat down yesterday and quickly threw out what a forehand needs, and what it doesn't. Greatness requires gravity and minimal wrist movement to allow SW maximization. Discuss
  10. N


    KING KyrGOAT Here's the vid in HD. Not too bad for a COD Warzone pro who happens to play tennis. :cool:
  11. eman11

    New Kygios Shoes 2021 (Pre Aussie Open)

    I'm sure most have already seen this...
  12. TearTheRoofOff

    NextGen Top Trumps

    I think it's time for us to formulate some hypothetical (mythical, uninjured, peak, sodomized etc.) Top Trump cards for the NextGen SUPERSTARS. To kick things off, I propose the following defining attributes to reflect their abilities, each of which can be ascribed a score from 1 to 10. Overhype...
  13. Zardoz7/12

    Kyrgios slams Novak's dad for blaming Dimitrov

    I know it's the Daily Fail, if they still sell newspapers I'd use it for chip paper. Link to article Nick Kyrgios has slammed Novak Djokovic's dad for 'pushing the blame' onto Grigor Dimitrov following his son's disastrous Adria Tour event. World No 1 Djokovic held the Adria Tour tennis project...
  14. pedro94

    Kyrgios accuses Mexican Open crowd of disrespect Kyrgios: regularly disrespects the crowd, breaks rackets, tanks matches and disrespects tennis in general Crowd: disrespects Kyrgios Kyrgios:
  15. K

    The US Open.

    Entertaining article: "So yes, if you are having trouble characterising your tennis grand slams, this one is the messy ***** who lives for the drama. Think of the US Open as Real...
  16. Enceladus

    Poll: Ban for Kyrgios at Laver Cup - yes or no?

    Should Kyrgios be excluded from the World selection for the controversies, which he has triggered this year (marking the ATP as a corrupt organization, the incident from a match against Khachanov, etc.)? Or should he play, because the chances of a World selection without him would be almost...
  17. eman11

    Kyrgios being targeted

    Not really. But I'm sure that's how he feels when they give him these time violations... maybe if you hadn't killed your racket you would've had one gripped and ready to go, mate.
  18. R

    The Nick Kyrgios Thread

    I have made this thread for my friend @TimeToPlaySets so that he doesn't have to flood the front page with Kyrgios threads and tell us for the 1 millionth time how Kyrgios saved tennis. Brother enjoy this asylum. Go king Kyrgios. Save tennis. ENTERTAINMENT. Drama. Fun. Popcorn. Personality...
  19. eman11

    Kyrgios Socks

    What do you guys think of the way Kyrgios is styling his socks? Like/Dislike/ Haven't Noticed...?
  20. Sentinel

    He only hurt a chair, guys

    Sorry to tell you, mates ... Others brutally smash their racquets. Much worse than tossing a chair half-heartedly into the empty court. Deal with it.
  21. haqq777

    Kyrgios Brings Grand Total of TWO Racquets to Match at Madrid

    Well, if you guys remember I posted a thread about Mannarino a couple of years ago bringing just two racquets to his match at IW. He had that whole Aeropro Drive drama going on at that time. (thread here...
  22. Enceladus

    2019 Australian Open - [16] Milos Raonic vs. Nick Kyrgios

    ATP H2H: 3:3 tied H2H on HC: 1:0 for Kyrgios Last mutual match: 2016 Queen's Club Championships R1, Raonic won 6:7(5), 6:4, 6:4 Milos so far has been able to beat Nick on the grass and on the clay, but not on HC. Will it change tomorrow?
  23. True Fanerer

    Kyrgios seeing psychologists

    Nick Kyrgios says he has begun talking to psychologists and wants to improve his approach to his career. The 23-year-old Australian told the Canberra Times that he has been "starting to see some psychologists and trying to get on top of my mental health," consulting with one in Australia and...
  24. CHtennis

    Great Coach or Greatest Coach

    The first coach to get Kyrgios to get out of a walkabout deserves a contract, no? Sign him up Nick!
  25. 5point5

    Yonex DR 98

    Discontinued? Why?
  26. A

    Kyrgios Wearing Soccer/Football Socks?

    Kyrgios wearing wat i think are soccer socks cos of that swoosh at the front rather than the back they also have the nike grip but on the fuul footbed of the sock compared to the tennis ones just having nike grip at the forefoot do you reckon kyrgios wearing it to match design or cos of the...
  27. projectone7

    Kyrgios New Racquet/PJ

    Looks like he has a new DR98 PJ, different from his 2017 one Brisbane: His old PJ: Reminds of the Speed LTD Sascha had:
  28. projectone7

    Kyrgios New Racquet/PJ

    Looks like he has a new DR98 PJ, different from his 2017 one Brisbane: His old PJ: Reminds of the Speed LTD Sascha had:
  29. True Fanerer

    Man bets 40k on Kyrgios to win AO

    Nick Kyrgios will land one punter close to $1m if he wins the Australian Open.Picture: AAP Tennis Aus Open Confidential: Whopping bet on Nick Kyrgios to win Open could land punter close to $1 million Staff writers, News Corp AustraliaJanuary 2, 2018 8:03PM A WHOPPING bet on Nick Kyrgios to win...