lateral epicondylitis

  1. E

    A great read - tendinosis vs. tendinitis

    While working to heal my elbow, I found this excellent paper on the differences between tendinosis (micro-tears) and tendinitis (inflammation). Key takeaways: - tendinosis is often confused for tendinitis with tendinosis likely being far more prevalent than previously believed. - tendinosis...
  2. E

    Healing tennis elbow - start with total rest or start therapy soon

    I am resting my tennis elbow now over the winter break and I have started with total rest combined with some icing, some heat, some compression and voltaren gel. My question is - should I start first with total rest, and then do some exercises once the lateral epicondyle (where it attaches to...
  3. ironaufschlag

    Tennis elbow and diet?

    Hi TW forums. I'm a 5.5NTRP (UTR 10.50) and have experienced tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) pretty much ever since I began serving over 110mph about 4 years ago. I say serving because my tennis elbow only occurs when I try to hit above 110 (max speed 128 recorded recently). I can rally...