laver cup

  1. jl809

    Things I noticed from attending Laver Cup vs watching matches on TV

    Murray walks with his back at an incline, a slight stoop. Not good for long term :/ The best forehand off a “neutral” rally ball was Fritz’s. He was hitting rockets and has a really safe action for generating power, keeping the ball low, and hitting with margin. Berry’s has more loopy topspin...
  2. threehandedbackhand

    Will you follow 2022 Laver Cup?

    2022 Laver Cup 5th edition O2 Arena, London, 23-25 September Are you interested? Feel free to vote.
  3. James P

    Medvedev and Rublev...

    ...won the ATP Cup/Laver Cup team title double. What should we call this impressive feat?
  4. A

    Governing structure

    I'm trying to find a good overview of the structure of the governing bodies of tennis and how they may shape the future of the sport, detailed information and analysis welcome too. I vaguely remember someone, maybe Stephanie Myles or MattRacquet, retweeting an article around maybe the middle of...
  5. eman11

    Nadal/Fognini Relationship

    Erase if thread already exists... I have noticed that Nadal and Fognini seem to get along throughout the Laver Cup, but in the past they have gotten into some heated arguments... I'll post "proof" later
  6. Enceladus

    Poll: Ban for Kyrgios at Laver Cup - yes or no?

    Should Kyrgios be excluded from the World selection for the controversies, which he has triggered this year (marking the ATP as a corrupt organization, the incident from a match against Khachanov, etc.)? Or should he play, because the chances of a World selection without him would be almost...
  7. RaulRamirez

    Will Zverev's Laver-Cup clinching win increase his confidence?

    Okay, this is yet another Laver Cup thread, and I realize that LC is just an exhibition. But given that there is some pressure to win when teammates are counting on you, do you think Zverev's win yesterday will give him a confidence boost in slam tournaments? Don't laugh...well, you can. Most...
  8. C

    Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal agree shock link-up to play Wimbledon DOUBLES

    Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal agree shock link-up to play Wimbledon DOUBLES ROGER FEDERER and Rafael Nadal have agreed a shock deal to play together in the Wimbledon doubles this year. By Jack Wilson Federer Nadal double act triumph in The Laver Cup The fierce rivals have won 36 Grand...
  9. TheMaestro1990

    Laver Cup was a success and will become an important tournament

    The biggest reason for this is how much the players cared. Did you see Federer's and Nadal's reactions during the matches and after the final match? Isner playing one of his best matches of his career to defeat Nadal? Kyrgios' tears after losing the championship point? If the players feel it...
  10. Federev

    Can't we all just get along?

    If they like each other and think each other awesome - why would we disagree with either of them? Sure, debate is fun, but I call for respect all around and no more trolly-trash. CAUSE LOOK:
  11. Vanilla Slice

    Laver Cup Teams/Winners: 1980-2016

    I'm loving the new Laver Cup and definitely am already looking forward to it being played every coming year. This got me to thinking ... What if the Laver Cup started around 1980 with Borg and McEnroe and Connors? What would be the 6-man Europe/World teams for the years pre-2017? And most...
  12. DodoTennis

    Laver Cup scoring: How about trailing team gets 2x pts for next match won?

    Let's say Team Europe won the first match, they lead 1-0. If Team World wins next match, they'll lead 2-1. If Team Europe wins again, they'll lead 2-0. This would keep the pressure on since it's hard to get a big lead, and it keeps the hopes alive for the trailing team.