1. goldenhawktennis

    Make my 93p more...K90-like?

    Hey friends! Impulse bought a 93p (18x20) after a nice little demo sesh last month and still trying to get things fully dialed in with it. It's a great racquet as-is, don't get me wrong, but I'm really trying to make it sing. For context, I'm coming from a K90 and I absolutely love the weight...
  2. TheLambsheadrep

    Adding mass in the handle - best method for feel?

    While there are multiple ways to add mass in the handle in order to make a racquet heavier and more lead light, in your opinion which method leads to the best resulting feel?
  3. pico

    Gravity Pro and lead - how do you use it?

    For Gravity Pro users out there, I am curious as to how you use lead if you do use it to customise your frame and how the response is. Please let me know.
  4. Tour_G

    A couple of questions about my racquet's specs + other stuff

    Hello, I need some help here about my racquet. I'm using a customized TI Radical MP of which I'd like to know its specs, specially the swingweight. Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length: 27.00 inches / 68.58 cm Strung Weight: 10.75 oz / 305 g Balance: 3pts HL Swing Weight: 312 Beam Width...
  5. C

    Adding lead can increase vibration

    I switched to a new kind of strings, at a tension I have not tried before, and replaced the thick leather grip with a thinner one. Static weight 349 grams was smaller than before. I like the pop of the strings, but the racquet recoiled too much on impact. A larger weight is needed. I added a...
  6. C

    A polarized heavy racquet helps me much, but swings are slow

    Long post, summary: ● I find different good aspects in various weight distributions. ● The setup I like is good in most aspects, except that the racquet is too heavy, and swings are slow. I would like to ask ● what causes the feelings as described below when I tune weight distributions, and ●...
  7. Znak

    Graphene is just pencil lead?

    Turns out graphene isn't anything more than pencil lead a new study finds :D: https://gizmodo.com/most-commercial-graphene-is-just-expensive-pencil-lead-1829625572
  8. J

    Lead Tape vs Head guard tape

    Hi, maybe this a a silly question but I have to ask... "Head Brand" of Head Protection Tape is kind of heavy for a tape. If I cover my racket from around 9 to 3 without stretching the tape it will add 4-5 grams of weight. Will those 4-5 grams of tape be the equivalent of adding 4-5 gram of...
  9. R

    Should I Increase Racket Weight

    I currently have a stock PS90 Blx so that should be about 357g. It's really easy to swing for me (idk why people say it's heavy), so should I increase weight just because I can? Is it better to weigh up the racket as much as you comfortably can, or is there a better strategy to choosing racket...
  10. F

    How much change the balance adding weight to the buttcap?

    Hi people, I've a Blade 18x20 with balance at 33,7 cm and I wanna change it to 32,5 cm to increase a little the maneubravility and make a more "arm friendly" balance...how much weight I need to add? Or how much grams are needed to change the balance one point or cm?
  11. S

    Advice on racquet setup - AI98 customized

    I've been playing with my Yonex AI98s for about two years now. I really like my racquets and am in no position to switch to anything newer/different at the moment. That said, after I first bought them, I customized them. I haven't revisited the topic since then however now I am trying to fix...
  12. V

    Looking precisely cut lead tape length ways

    Sorry if this is not allowed post. I am looking to trim some reels of lead tape to make them 1/4" and 3/8' wide. 36 yard reels. Any ideas where I could get this done by a machine. I needs to be near perfect.