1. Tennis Aloha

    3 doubles lines and 2 singles? Should be 3 singles and 2 doubles RANT

    Let's first attack the obvious. Tennis is a sport that's best enjoyed one v one. I know doubles players are going to have a fit at this words, but come on ya'll, let's keep it a thousand. No one ever gets crazy good and passionate about this game if they don't play singles at all. Doubles...
  2. A

    Good or Bad Captaining - What do you think?

    I'm a higher-rated 2.5 player (hahaha) and just joined 2 women's leagues, 2.5 and up on 3.0. The captains have very different approaches and I'm curious what you think about them. The 2.5 captain has given everyone an equal amount of playing time, approx. 4 matches for the season. She is...
  3. R

    How many matches do you play?

    I'm curious to know: - how many matches you will likely play in your 10-week USTA adult league - singles or doubles. - if you team has any in-person meetings or practice before the season starts to meet new team members and surmise their real-world skill. - how team members are selected for matches.
  4. A

    Spin Serve -- ok?

    Hi, I was in a league match. I do not serve hard but I put a lot of slice spin on my serve. My opponent complained that it is not a "Gentleman's Serve", does he have a point? Or was he a sore loser? My slice serve went to his weaker side.
  5. J

    First USTA season

    I'm in the process of moving to northern San Diego from a smaller town that doesn't have much tennis. I've been looking forward to getting to play in a USTA league and in other competitive formats, but some of these threads have me nervous. It sounds like USTA has so much sandbagging that the...
  6. A

    New Yorkers

    Anyone in NYC recommend any adult leagues or clubs? I used to play competitively as a junior and looking to get back into tennis for fun/exercise.