1. D

    Nadal and lefthandedness

    We all know that Rafa is not actually a lefty but instead has a dominant right hand, it was just that uncle Toni taught him to play with the left hand. However, reading about forcing people to change hands when writing, I came across info saying that it actually has a very low success rate for...
  2. PURETENNISsense

    How to beat a 4.5-5.0+ Left-handed player?

    I played college tennis, competed for 4 years in Men's open and Futures qualies across the nation and was in the 11.7-12.0 UTR range. Currently trying to get back to competing and am likely a 10.75 UTR at the moment trying to make my way back into the 11 range. I always had a gameplan against...
  3. L

    For lefties! Watch Federer / Djokovic as lefties (or watch Nadal / Shapovalov as righties)

    Hi, tennis friends! I'm left-handed, and I've always wanted to watch Federer and Djokovic as lefties. So I created this simple and free Chrome extension that mirrors videos so that righties -> lefties and lefties -> righties. When watching players in my handedness, I see little things that I've...