1. galapagos

    Ultimate string of choice !

    Brief introduction: I am a self-rated 5.0 / 5.5 lvl guy. I would like to push my tennis further or at least stabilize it at its peak. I’ve came to conclusion that in order to do this I need to settle my gear of choice, clear my head and just focus on my game. I did similar path with my racquet...
  2. tennisintheeighties

    Alu power hard for my elbow

    Hello, I am playing very well recently, doing a lot of improvement, and the alu power 1.25 is not stranger of that for sure. I was playing before that with a BB Original, both are close, but i feel the alu power stiffer (50 lbs on my clash pro tour ) Since a few days, after 30 mns playing, i...
  3. E

    Closest string to Luxilon M2 Pro?

    Years ago, I had an amazing experience with Luxilon M2 Pro. Since then, they've been discontinued, and I haven't been able to capture that same amazing experience with any other string. What are the closest strings to the M2 Pro that I should try out?
  4. M

    Fake Luxilon ALU Power

    I just purchased a reel of Luxilon ALU power but I have a couple concerns. For starters, its only a 200m reel. Secondly, the text on the strings just says Luxilon ALU Power 16 and then the string of letters. Are there any dead giveaways to tell whether or not its fake? What should a proper...
  5. WilPro

    There is no magic string

    I tried a lot of strings. Last one was the magic Luxilon Alu Power and Alu Power Spin. My conclusion is, none of them is doing anything special. I think they are mostly the same. They are slightly different but not too much. In my 510 gr. racquet they all feel pretty close. I can't tell much...
  6. WilPro

    What's the deal about RPM Blast and ALU Power?

    I seen RPM Blast and ALU Power are the most used strings in the professional circuit. I heard people claiming there is nothing special about them just marketing. Other claim they are the best strings. How come they are the most used string to date in the professional tour? Or am I wrong? Is...
  7. F

    5.0 Players, what are your strings of choice?

    This question is directed to the advanced players here, which strings do you prefer and how long do they last? I use a Pure Aero Tour 16x19 leaded to 350g / 345 SW and my favorites are: Tourna Big Hitter Silver7 Tour 17 / 1.25 - 6-8h before breaking Luxilon ALU Power 1.25 - 8-10h...
  8. Awesome Prostaff

    Luxilon Savage on Wilson Clash

    I have never tried the Luxilon Savage, people like it’s 6 sided shape plus it’s co poly, has anybody tried it?
  9. C

    Strings for Angell TC95 / TC100 (16*19)

    Hi Angell Users, I have been playing the last few months with Angell TC95 and 100 sticks and wondered whether there is a dominant / ideal string I could use. I am currently using Solinco Hyper G @ 23 KG in the 95s and Luxilon Element @ 23KG in the 100. The Hyper G is a bit too stiff and is...
  10. E

    Popping String Every 2 to 3 Hours!

    Babolat areo pure 2019, Luxilon 125 ALU Power Soft 16L, Tension 48. Strings pop every 2 to three hours. Anyone else having issues with the new aero pure or with Luxilon 125 Power Soft strings. Thinking of moving to Solinco 16G but keeping the tension. Thoughts?
  11. puredrivepete

    Babolat Pure Drive Tour 2018 - 4 1/4

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Babolat Pure Drive Tour 2018 Grip Size / Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: x1 Head Size (if a racquet): 100 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 6 hours *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  12. M

    Best Hybrid For Aggressive Baseliner?

    Im 17, my favorite shot is the low down the line smashing forehand.I am very fast and get to most balls and come to the net often. I lack a good over head and back hand volley. I have a hard first serve but and a slow accurate 2nd serve. I use a full bed of Luxilon Big Banger at 55 currently in...
  13. T

    Crisp feeling poly with max playability duration and spin?

    My first criteria for choosing strings is playability duration and then spin. This criteria led me to a full bed of Ashaway Kevlar 18g @40lbs in terms of feel and spin; I love seeing the fuzz in the air after ripping a forehand. But yeah had wrist and elbow discomfort and cut it out. Went back...
  14. Strung

    FS // Babolat Pure Drive 2015 - 4 1/2

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Grip Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10): 8.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 10 hours *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Strung w/: Luxilon...
  15. Znak

    Differences b/w Luxilon Alu Power Range

    Was hoping someone could tell me the difference, or their experience having played, between: Alu Power Alu Power Rough Alu Power Spin Alu Power Feel Alu Power Fluoro Alu Power Soft What is the goto Alu Power string? And why is it sometimes called Big Banger? Is that the previous naming for it...
  16. H

    Looking for some racquet/string advice!

    Hi everyone, bit of background first: Currently I play with a Yonex Ezone DR 100, weighs in at 341g with an overgrip with some blu-tak in the handle & a Head Graphene Radical Pro, weighs in at 342g. Both are strung with Luxilon ALU Power @ 52/53lbs. I find that both are quite stiff...
  17. a10best

    Best strings for my game

    I was using Babolat 16 Syn Gut (or it may have been xcel, not sure). Just had a Head radical restrung with X-one biphase and not liking it. The Babolat had feel at the net, good spin, and was relatively durable. I only play 2-3x week, otherwise I'm cross-training. I'm between a 4 & 4.5...
  18. A

    Strings for Pro Staff 95S (2015 - Black and Red version)

    Hi! So I'm currently using a Prince Phantom 100 (with the O3 ports and all!). It's strung with Volkl Cyclone at the moment. I had the chance to use my friend's old PS95s (2015) and fell in love with it, I think it's such an easy racquet to transition to after having played with the PP100. The...
  19. Gabriel Sara

    Luxilon alu power 20th anniversary

    Hi! Did anyone get the reels for 153 USD? Tennis Warehouse is having an offer.
  20. A

    Luxilon Legacy Dampener Dampening/Feel?

    currently using the wilson emoji dampeners and like the amount of dampening it gives but still gives me a good amount of feel, but design kinda bothers me makin me feel like a 3 year old (although keys uses one), tried the sampras one cos it looked cleaner with subtle designs but was too soft...
  21. Yoneyama

    Luxilon 4G vs Tecnifibre HDX Tour

    Hi all, Has anyone used both of these strings? I am looking for a terrific tension maintenance string. I have found 4G and like it with Klip Legend Natural Gut mains. However I have noticed that the Tecnifibre HDX Tour has considerably better tension maintenance/ lower total tension loss...
  22. A

    Luxilon ALU vs PolyStar - Strike 18x20 vs 16x19

    Hi everyone! First a bit a background info on myself. I'm 28yo, 6'2", pretty strong physicasly. Been playing rec tennis ever since I could remember. Never seriously, just here and there with my dad and friends when I was younger. For the past 2 years, I've really picked it up and started...
  23. pdizzy

    Luxilon Savage 127 16G cheaper alternative?

    I currently am using Luxilon Savage 16G and was curious if anyone had any recommendations for a cheaper alternative that matches the same specs of this string? I get my rackets restrung about once a month depending on tournament schedule and would like to save money if able. Thanks!
  24. J

    Luxilon Overgrip

    Hi, have a quick question. Just bought the new Luxilon Elite Dry overgrip and it has the plastic wrap on the same side as the sticky thing at the beginning of the overgrip... So then which way do you grip it- with the sticky side down as with most grips? On lots of other grips the sticky side...
  25. C

    Fake Alu Power Rough strings?

    Hi, I bought some Luxilon Alu Power strings on e-Bay for a pretty good price. Therefor I am wondering if they might be fake. The user I bought them from had a 100% satisfaction rating though. Any help is appreciated.
  26. W

    PC600 string!!!

    Hi, I have Head PC600 Star Trek Font, Made in Australia. I used to have K Factor Six-One Tour 90 (12pts HL) with ALU POWER ROUGH. I strung them for 52-56 lbs usually, but it felt stiff and hard most of the times. As I've changed my racquets to PC600, I want to try ALU POWER ROUGH on it again...
  27. projectone7


    Luxilon's 20th anniversary string is bright purple... What rackets would it go with?
  28. W

    Best Poly String for Head Prestige Classic 600 (PC600)

    Hi, I have Head PC 600 and as you know this is VERY flexible 18X20 racquet. I've used Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L on my K-Factor Six-One Tour 90 (12 pts HL) with 52-56. It felt really stiff and hard? so no comfort at all. I have the reel of Luxilon Alu Power Rough so should I string this on my...
  29. G

    Similar strings to alu power rough?

    I'm currently using alu power rough in a hybrid setup and love them. Just wondered if there are any pro's pro or other cheap strings that are very similar? .....i know pro's pro get lot of stick on here but the ones I've used I have found to be pretty good